Buying a business in Sweden

In this article, we would like to familiarize you with the terms of buying a business in Sweden from Andisheh Immigration Institute, so stay with us.

One of the ways to immigrate to Sweden is investing or buying a business. In addition to this country, it is prosperous in many European countries that have economic and commercial prosperity. A person who has the conditions to buy a business in Sweden can also receive a Swedish visa and residence in this country.

The reason why Sweden is chosen by many for investment is its stable economy and high level of social welfare.

Attracting investors also has many benefits for Sweden. Among other things, this country has a low population, which will create many job opportunities by attracting foreign investors.

Advantages of buying a business in Sweden

According to the reports of the World Forum, in addition to having the third place in the global network readiness index, Sweden is also at a favorable level in terms of the commercial and political situation. Due to the establishment of the direct tax method in this country, companies pay the lowest tax rate.

In addition to this classification of this country in the top ten economies of the world, the ease of investment regulations and having a balanced legal system are among the things that tempt every person to get a residence in Sweden through investment.

Business buying practices in Sweden

You can invest in this country in two ways:

The first method: Create a new business activity

In this method, the person must register the company according to the laws and regulations of this country.

The second method: Continuing the activity of a company that has already been registered

In this method, the company has already been registered, but for some reasons, it intends to transfer it. You can choose this active company for investment. Of course, it goes without saying that your share of the company’s shares must be higher than 51%.

The most important things that must be checked about such companies are the amount of the company’s debt and its non-commitment of legal and tax crimes.

Terms and conditions for buying a business in Sweden

  • Having a passport with a minimum validity of two and a half years
  • Having the minimum set amount of capital to establish an independent company or purchase more than fifty one percent of active company shares
  • Full familiarity with English or Swedish (providing a language certificate is not required)
  • Having financial ability and providing financial documents that you have the ability to manage your life and your family’s affairs. (The amount is different for the person, spouse and children under the age of eighteen)
  • Having expertise related to the activity you intend to do in this country. (Although providing a university degree is not required, it will increase your chances of success)
  • It is important to comply with the laws and regulations of Sweden and not to commit a crime during this period.
  • Correct and timely tax payment

People who succeed in getting a Swedish visa through investment can stay in this country for two years, which can be extended. Finally, after you comply with the legal conditions and regulations and there is no problem from the government’s point of view, you can get permanent residence in Sweden.

If you have a spouse or child under the age of eighteen, you can also apply for their visa by presenting proof of financial ability.

Important tips for obtaining Swedish residency

The first point: If your wife plans to work independently or continue her education in Sweden, she must apply for a work or study visa from the government individually and obtain this type of Swedish residence. Otherwise, he/she will only be under your protection and will not be allowed to work or study.

Second point: If your child intends to continue his studies in Sweden, he/she must apply for a study visa. Of course, one of the advantages of this country is that after completing his studies, he can work in your company and after four years, while fully complying with the regulations, he can obtain permanent residence in this country.

Third point: In order to receive residency for children over eighteen years old, only they will be able to choose and follow one of the immigration methods to obtain a Swedish visa.

A four-year temporary residence will become a permanent residence if the following conditions are met:

  • Complying with the laws and regulations of Sweden and not committing a crime during this period.
  • Paying taxes during four years of temporary residence.

Actions required to buy a business in Sweden

In order to invest in this country, it is necessary to submit some documents as follows:

  • Providing a balance sheet of expenses and income
  • Providing bank documents to prove financial ability for two years
  • Providing an acceptable plan for financial planning and investment for the future
  • Doing marketing to attract reliable economic resources
  • Having management power to manage affairs
  • Providing customer contracts

Introduction of companies in Sweden

stock company As we see in many countries including Iran, joint stock companies are divided into two categories, special and general. In both cases, if you have an unpayable debt, this debt will be removed from the company’s assets.

Economic institutions: These types of institutions are also easier to establish because they do not need to register a business name or company. But the condition for its creation is the presence of at least three business partners.

Exclusive company: In this type, the owner is responsible for all matters, and it is not necessary to choose a company name and register it. Paying taxes on time is an integral part of this type of company.

Limited liability company: It is necessary to have the minimum capital determined by the government to establish this type of company. Tax is also determined based on a percentage of profit. In addition, the type of company that is private or public should be specified.

Documents required to obtain a Swedish investment visa

Original passport with copies of all pages

Submission of spouse’s and children’s passports under the age of eighteen along with a copy

Submitting the original bank statement along with a copy of the original

Providing a contract to buy or rent a property

Submitting the applicant’s resume

Provide company registration certificate

Presenting the company’s articles of association

Presenting the company’s lease agreement


Sweden is a developed country with a small population that welcomes investors. But to obtain the residence of this country, you must have the complete documents and conditions mentioned in this article.

For more information, you can contact our consultants at Andisheh Immigration Institute.


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