Migration of medical staff to Sweden

The migration of medical personnel to Sweden is currently increasing. In recent years, this country has been recognized as one of the countries that accept immigrants in the European continent, and this has caused Sweden to face a large increase in immigration. Due to the high age rate of citizens in Sweden, there is a good market for medical staff and nurses. One of the problems of this country is the lack of access to a general practitioner. In this article, we want to provide complete information about immigration to Sweden, so stay with us.

Migration of medical staff to Sweden

Sweden is the northernmost country on the European continent. During the past years, the life of the people of this country was at the highest level in terms of finances, welfare and security. For this reason, this country is one of the best choices among the countries of the world. The population of Sweden is approximately 11 million people, and currently most people speak English, but the language of the general public is Swedish.

Research shows that the labor market for medical jobs will increase by 45% until 2028. Now it can be said that the migration of people through the acceptance of medical staff in this country will face more possibilities in the near future. Therefore, nurses can easily start working in this organized and new staff.

How to get a medical staff visa to Sweden

Currently, this country has prepared various courses to attract immigrants, especially in relation to medical and paramedical jobs. The language of this country is Swedish, and the applicants who want to immigrate to this country through the medical staff must have a complete command of the Swedish language. Dear ones, you can participate in language courses in this country after immigrating to learn Swedish better. People can learn this language by taking Swedish language classes.

Each country has its own working conditions, laws and regulations. To go to Sweden, doctors and medical staff must synchronize their medical visa and documents before immigration. If you want to be a successful doctor and work in Sweden, you must pass the exam and classes of this country well.

Swedish language tests for doctors

Regarding the migration of medical staff to Sweden, those who have medical or paramedical degrees can learn this language for a period of several months without a Swedish language certificate. Some of these fields require full command of the Swedish language, such as midwifery, medicine and nursing

The government of Sweden has placed a specialized language training course for those who immigrated to this country for work, so that people can continue their education or work in the centers they want after completing the language courses. Of course, it should be noted that continuing education for doctors in Sweden will not be possible in Latin or English. These courses are approximately ten months long and cost 9000 euros.

The advantage of Swedish language courses

  • Courses are held in Sweden.
  • The possibility of obtaining visas for spouses and children under 18 years of age
  • During this period, students’ children can continue their education in Sweden for free.
  • Creating suitable conditions for companions, including spouses and children, who can enter this country at the same time.
  • Job acceptance for students and spouses
  • Getting student insurance for individuals and companions
  • Obtaining a Schengen visa
  • By obtaining language certificates, students are given the opportunity to be admitted to the universities of their choice.

Healthcare in Sweden

Health education and medical services in Sweden are under the supervision of the municipality, and all health matters, including medical and dental staff, are private and public.

The Swedish municipality has given a specific financial budget for each city. Therefore, the types of medical services in the cities of this country are very different. One of the responsibilities of the municipality is health care for the general public.

Health in the private sector

If the medical services are provided by a private institution and this institution has no contract with the medical services, the patient must bear the full costs of all treatment and care.

Procedures for medical personnel to migrate to Sweden

Before taking any action, it is better to familiarize yourself with the immigration procedures of the medical staff to Sweden. After completing the Swedish language training classes, doctors undergo an internship for about 5 months and nurses for about 2 and a half months, and after completing the course, they can start working as medical staff in Sweden. But they should keep in mind that doctors can pass this course of training if they get a job offer from a Swedish employer.

People who can stay in this country for about a year and during this time establish relationships with various medical and treatment centers in Sweden, will have the opportunity to find the right work case.

Documents required for Sweden medical staff visa

  • Translation of academic documents
  • Swedish language certificate
  • Passing written and practical exams
  • Participation in academic courses
  • Full knowledge of Swedish law

Top medical universities for medical staff immigration to Sweden

One of the things that you need for admission to universities in Sweden is the completion of secondary education. Perfect ability to speak Swedish is highly valued. People from outside the EU area are required to complete secondary education before applying.

Some of the most reliable and well-known medical universities in Sweden are:

1- Uppsala University

2- University of Gutenberg

3- Orebro University

4- Umeå University

5- Karolinska company

6- Linköping University of Health Sciences

Universities of medical and therapeutic staff in Sweden

The best and most famous fields to study in Swedish medical and dental universities are various sub-branches of general medicine, internal medicine, anesthesiology, cardiology and physiotherapy, etc.

Swedish medical and health education

The medical staff of this country has about 21 specialties that are needed for the medical fields of this country, these fields are:

Psychiatry, speech therapy, audiometry, psychology, midwifery, medical physics, orthopedist, pharmacy, physiotherapy, pharmacy, optometry, psychotherapist, oral health, biomedicine, chiropractic, dentist, general practitioner, nutritionist, Radiology, nursing and prescribing which is in the 15-day course of the nursing system.

Obtaining a Swedish medical staff visa

First, we need to get a visa for this country. But first of all, the Swedish Ministry of Health and Medicine must approve your educational qualifications and medical history, and having a work history is mandatory. The most important step is learning the Swedish language, and after completing the training course, you can complete the theoretical and practical courses and start working.

These steps take approximately 7 to 9 months, and finally, people can receive a visa along with their spouse and children if the documents are completed. People who want to be admitted to the medical staff in Sweden must attend Swedish language classes after confirming their documents. If you want to apply for medical staff migration to Sweden and need guidance, contact our colleagues at Andisheh Ko Migration Institute.

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