Denmark medical staff visa

The Danish medical staff visa is one of the types of visa that doctors and nurses can immigrate to. Currently, Denmark provides 3-year residency for people who have completed their studies in medicine, dentistry, nursing, etc. Also, people who have studied in medical sciences can immigrate to Denmark. In this article, we would like to explain to you the conditions and measures necessary to obtain a Danish medical staff visa from Andisheh Immigration Institute, so stay with us.

For most people, it is important to know the conditions after obtaining the residence, that’s why we gathered a list of questions to answer them and guide you.

One of the frequently asked questions is, how much is the doctor’s and nurse’s salary after obtaining a Danish medical staff visa?

What are the facilities provided for doctors in Denmark?

How long is the duration of stay after obtaining a Danish medical staff visa?

After obtaining a Danish medical staff visa, can I get a residence permit for my family (wife and children)?

How long does it take to obtain a medical work permit for medical and therapeutic staff?

Applicants to learn the Danish language and pass a series of specialized tests to obtain a license to practice as a doctor, dentist or nurse in this country can contact our consultants and learn about the existing laws, then apply for immigration. .

Of course, it should be said that this type of residence, which is equivalent to obtaining a business license, is given to you in this country. But you have to get a separate work permit from the related centers.


Denmark geographically

Geographically, this country is part of the countries of the Scandinavian region. The land border of this country is with Germany from the south, and it has a maritime border with Norway and Sweden, and it reaches Sweden through a bridge called Oversund.

The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen, which has more than one million people. After that, the second largest city of this country is called Aarhus, which has more immigrants. One of the interesting points about Denmark is that you can reach Paris and London in less than 2 hours. The countries of Rome, Barcelona, Vienna, and Prague are a few hours flight away from Denmark.


Conditions and documents required to obtain a residence visa for Danish medical staff

. Completing the electronic form on the health site

. A copy of the original English language certificate from the embassy

. Translation of educational transcripts

. Providing proof of medical and nursing work experience

. Resume writing


Procedures for obtaining a work permit for doctors in Denmark

Applicants must have their educational qualifications approved and evaluated by the Danish Health and Safety Organization. If the initial evaluation is complete and the educational qualifications of the people are approved by the medical field of this country, it can be said that a 3-year visa will be given to you for specialized activities in Denmark.

When can an appraisal permit be requested? This authorization can be completed by submitting the form and then it must be stamped by the recruitment/clinic department and sent by post to the Patient Safety Office in Denmark. The duration of evaluation and issuance of this license is temporary.


Proof of financial ability to Denmark

One of the requirements for your acceptance in Denmark to obtain residence is to prove your financial ability to the Danish government. Individuals must prove that they have enough capital for the first six months of the year to support and protect themselves and their family members, and they need to submit relevant financial documents at a specified time.

These financial documents must meet the needs of the applicant and her family and companions.

Ways to obtain a medical work permit in Denmark (Evaluation of academic degree):

One of the first steps in obtaining a work permit is that educational documents and documents must be sent to the health protection authorities in Denmark for approval. It may take more than 5 months for this process to review the documents. If you receive approval from this organization, you can apply for a work permit and a three-year residence permit in Denmark. You should do the next step after getting your visa and entering this country.

Danish language training

After being in Denmark, people should immediately participate in Danish language classes, especially for the treatment staff, and they should pass the language test at level C completely and get an average passing grade. Exams are held twice a year and people can use different schools in Denmark to participate in these exams.

Basic training or internship

If the students have learned the Danish language completely, they can communicate with people and do residency and internship work. People are required to start the training courses after participating in the test and passing the tests. The internship takes less than seven months.

Living conditions after obtaining a 3-year residence in Denmark

Doctors and all medical staff are not allowed to work in this country without a work permit. So people must get work permits individually. This also applies to the internship period, until your medical license is ready, you can get a work permit for other jobs at this time and you must submit a job offer to the Danish government according to valid employment conditions and rights.

Applicants are given permission to work in different jobs only to earn income and meet living expenses during this period.

Accommodation for medical staff graduates

A residence visa is given to those who are graduates of one of the medical fields and can live in Denmark until its validity, and this permit can allow you to stay in different countries of the Schengen zone for 95 days.

Learning Danish

By obtaining Danish residency, the doctor can take Danish language courses in this country. Part of the cost of the classes is paid by the municipality of the region. The municipality is responsible for providing you with Danish language classes and introducing you to Danish language schools. In these colleges, foreign people and doctors are taught the Danish language.

If you haven’t been introduced after a few months of registering your address to participate in the Danish language college, you can contact your local municipality.

Duration of stay in Denmark

If you are a doctor or dentist, you will be given a 3-year residency in the first stage. You must bring documents proving that you have studied Danish.

If you are a nurse, you can only have a residence permit for 3 years, and your permit cannot be extended beyond this time. If your passport is about to expire, you only have about ninety days to stay in this country and your passport is valid.

Are residence visas given to family and companions?

One of the frequent questions that people ask in this field is that by obtaining a specialized work permit for the medical staff, the families of these applicants will be given a residence visa in this country? It is interesting to know that for the well-being of you and your family, Denmark gives accompanying visas to spouses and children under 18 years of age.

Immigration to Denmark through the treatment staff

This country is recruiting specialists in order to complete and improve its medical staff in medical and paramedical fields. All persons who work for the medical staff in any way can immigrate to this country by obtaining a medical staff visa.

Benefits of a Danish medical staff visa

With a Danish medical staff visa, you can apply for long-term residence for the whole family and benefit from the rights of Danish citizenship.

With this visa, your children’s education is completely free. Your children can get the passport of this country after five years. The highest advantages of the Denmark medical staff visa at the beginning of work is that you do not need a language certificate and if you wish you can spend the language course in this country, you can also apply for a Danish medical staff visa without having a language certificate. Get a residence.

Necessary measures to obtain a Danish medical staff visa

1- Obtaining approval from the health and protection authorities of the country’s patients

2- Proof of financial ability to the government

3- Examining academic qualifications

4- Learning to teach the Danish language

5- Obtaining a work permit and finding a job


Denmark is an advanced European country with a high level of social welfare. The health and treatment department of this country is recruiting specialists and skilled workers in order to upgrade and complete the medical staff, which is a way for doctors and nurses to immigrate through obtaining a Norwegian medical staff visa.

By obtaining the residence of this country, you can participate in Danish language classes and learn the Danish language. The municipality where you live is responsible for showing you Danish language classes and also covering part of the costs of your language college. During the language course, you are allowed to work part-time for 18 hours a week, and your spouse is also allowed to work full-time.

Doctors and nurses can bring their wives and children under the age of 18 with them to Denmark, and the Danish government is responsible for health and education insurance for the family during their stay in this country.

Like all European countries, applicants can stay in this country for less than 2 years after finding a suitable job.

The stages of immigrating to Denmark can be briefly mentioned. First of all, learning the Danish language at level C is approved. The second point is the equivalence of medical and educational documents. For more information, you can contact our consultants at Andisheh Immigration Institute.

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