Austrian Work Visa

Austrian work visa

This question may come to your mind what is the way to obtain an Austrian work visa for Iranians. What should be done to immigrate to Austria? Can Austria apply for a work visa? How to immigrate to Austria? Stay with us to answer your questions.

Why immigrate to Austria?

Austria is a small and European country in the neighborhood of Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary, the capital of this country is Vienna, which has been called the most beautiful city in the world for more than 10 years. . Austria, in the heart of the Schengen area, is one of the most advanced European countries from the point of view of economy, which has provided very suitable and good positions and opportunities for the workforce. In recent years, Austria has been a country that has made good progress in the industry annually, so with the problem of lack of specialized and skilled force, proper salaries, favorable working conditions, very low unemployment rates and job benefits. Austria has made many foreigners choose to migrate to Austria.

The area of this country is 84 square kilometers with a population of 9 million people and the official language of this country is German, and usually more than 80% of the people of this country are fluent in English.

Austria work visa requirements

Austrian work visa is done in two ways:

  • Work offer visa
  • Work Search Visa

_ Work migration to Austria through a job offer

Work migration to Austria is possible through a work offer. In fact, you can enter the country by obtaining an Austrian work visa. With a job offer or a job offer, people can go to the desired embassy and apply for their work visa, in which there are steps that the employer must go through.

For example, the employer must first advertise his job in Austria and 3 months in the European Union, and if there was no Austrian and European labor force, he could invite people outside the European Union. In this way, if a person earns 55 out of 90 points, he or she can receive his red red card, which is a two -year residence card.


Requirements: (Maximum 30 points)

Technical and vocational education in the field of low -income jobs = 20 points

Eligible for university admission = 25 points

Completion of a 3 -year study program at higher education institutions = 30 points

Work experience in the field of low-income jobs: (maximum 20 points)

2 points per year

Work in Austria per year 4 points

German language skills: (maximum 15 points)

German A1 rating at level: Equal to 5 points

A2 German at A2 level: Equal to 10 points

German at level B2: Equal to 15 points

English language skills: (maximum 10 points)

: 5 points in A2 English level

: 10 points B1 English on Level

Age : (maximum 10 points)

Up to 30 years = 15 points

Up to 40 years = 10 points

Minimum rating 55*

_Migration to Austria through a job search visa

Austrian work immigration through job search visa is much easier than the previous method and applicants can enter Austria in any way that is convenient for them and look for an employer for their work without a job offer. But in this way, people should be able to get at least 70 points out of 100 points, there are a few important parameters, such as degrees, age, work experience. Language certificate and… which you can do if you have these conditions.

Austrian work visa is through job search for 6 months, if you have 70 points out of 100 points and confirm the documents at the Austrian Labor Office, you can get a 6-month Austrian job search visa, after finding a job and signing a contract with Your employer and the legal approval of the Austrian Labor Office will issue your residence card and you can bring your family to Austria.


Special conditions and skills (maximum 40 points)

  1. Bachelor’s degree = 20 points
  2. Having a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, computers, basic sciences, technology = 30 points
  3. Having a doctorate degree in the above fields = 40 points
  4. In the senior management fields and with the stock exchange or a company approved by the Austrian Commerce, he received the following salaries:
  5. From €50,000 to €60,000 with 20 points
  6. From €60,000 to €70,000 with 25 points
  7. More than 70,000 euros has 30 points
  8. Research activities and patents = 20 points
  9. Known scientific prizes = 20 points

Work experience (maximum 20 points)

  1. Work experience related to the field of study = 2 points
  2. 6 months work experience in Austria = 10 points

Language skill (maximum 10 points)

  1. German or English language skills at A1 level: Equal to 5 points
  2. German or English language skills at A2 level: Equal to 10 points

Age (maximum 20 points)

  1. Up to 35 years old = 20 points
  2. Up to 40 years old = 15 points
  3. Up to 45 years old = 10 points

Studying in Austria (maximum 10 points)

  1. High Diploma in Austria = 5 points
  2. Undergraduate or postgraduate in Austria = 10 points

The minimum desired score is 70*

Conditions for immigrating to Austria without a work permit or Austrian self-supporting visa

In this way of immigration without a work permit you need qualifications, language or work records, etc. You just need to prove that if you get a visa and a living in Austria you won’t have a financial problem and have enough capital for your life, which means that you have to be 22,000 euros in each applicant’s account and should be 2,500 a month € 3,000 is fixed, in this way you can’t work actively but you can invest or start your own business, such as buying restaurants, hotels, property, business companies, etc.

Documents Required for Austrian Working Visa and Unauthorized Visa

Documents required for Austria work visa and visa without work permit are:

  • Providing a passport valid for at least 6 months.
  • Birth certificate along with its translation.
  • 4 recently taken color photos
  • . Lease of a place as a person’s primary residence in Austria
  • Insurance that includes health and health insurance.
  • Bank letter and appropriate financial circulation that shows the financial capacity and the ability of the person to cover the costs of Austria.
  • Certificates and work that prove the person’s claim to earn the necessary points.

The following documents are very important in the self -protection or without permission:

  • Banking documents to show at least 22,000 euros capital in the account
  • Health Insurance Documents
  • Property document or lease of residence in Austria
  • Clearances
  • Provide documents that have at least 2500 to 3000 euros of monthly income

Jobs in Austria in recent years

You may be wondering why so many people need Austrian work visas. Why do many people want to immigrate to Austria? It is good to know that Austria is a very low unemployment country, which has attracted many people to migrate to the country, a very important point for migration to the job needed for the destination country. Austria needs expert and skilled personnel in the fields of basic sciences and technical engineering.

The list of required courses in Austria:

  • Electricity and electrical engineering
  • OS and IT
  • mechanical engineer
  • Power Engineer
  • Data processor
  • Construction
  • Wholesale and retail trade
  • Social worker
  • General Hygiene
  • Nurse
  • Doctor

The effect of professional technical degree on work migration to Austria

As mentioned above to migrate to Austria and get a white white card you need 55 points and having a professional technical degree brings you 20 points, which means you have with You can get your white white card.

Employment institutions in Austria

It may be difficult for many people to travel to Austria and look for a job in person, and employment agencies in Austria help people easily. There are job ads on these sites, and you can communicate with the employer according to your conditions. Apply for a job. It should be noted that job search sites do not charge a fee from job seekers and the fee is charged from the employer.

The following table lists examples of job migration sites to Austria

Conditions for obtaining Austrian residence

Many people are looking for a permanent residence in Austria, and those who have applied for a job offer or job seeker visa can receive their two-year red white red residence card after finding a job and signing an agreement with the employer. After completing this course, people can apply for a 3-year residence after 5 years, and after 6 years, they can apply for a passport and citizenship. Take action in this country.

It should be noted that after the end of this process, people who are able to sign a contract with an employer whose salary is higher than the average salary of this country, can apply for a blue card, which allows the applicant to work in the entire European Union without restrictions. .

If you are going to apply for an Austrian work visa, you can contact our colleagues at the Andisheh Immigration Institute. Our colleagues will provide you with the necessary explanations in this field.

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