Bachelor’s degree in European universities

دوره لیسانس در دانشگاه های اروپا

If you are looking for a bachelor’s degree in European universities, it is good to know that Germany, Spain, Austria, Italy, Portugal and Fresno are very good options. Studying in European countries is one of the most essential achievements towards success. Therefore, many European countries have a special privilege for education with the lowest cost. You can also increase your chances of applying and getting accepted to the United States by obtaining a bachelor’s degree from European universities and continuing your studies until the doctorate level.

Bachelor’s degree in European universities

Bachelor’s degree in European universities is between 3 and 4 years. The registration time of European universities is different in each country, but most countries register students in September or October. Also, most universities and colleges in Europe use the IELTS test as a criterion for their English-language study programs. However, the TOEFL exam certificate is also accepted, but you must pay attention to the deadline of the desired university. Free education in Europe requires the presentation of a certificate, the most important of which is the presentation of the language certificate of the country in question.

Applicants for free bachelor’s studies in European universities, if they do not have the language certificate of their desired country, they must participate in official language training courses after entering the country and receive the required certificate. Austria has considered simple conditions in this regard, and after obtaining a language degree, applicants can study in Austrian public universities without paying any fees.

According to the latest statistics, Germany has been ranked first for the best European country to study because it has a top university system and a strong education system and free education.

Also, Germany and Spain are one of the cheapest countries in Europe to study at various levels, including bachelor’s. It should be noted that the tuition fee of each university is different in each country.

Also, more than 40% of top universities are located in Europe. A quarter of the top 200 universities in the world are in the UK. After the UK, Germany has provided excellent educational opportunities with 45 highly ranked educational centers.

The best universities in Europe

  • Oxford
  • Cambridge
  • Two Swiss universities
  • Federal Technology Zurich
  • Federal Polytechnic Institute of Lausanne
  • PSL University of France and Paris Polytechnic

The best countries for a bachelor’s degree in European universities

Among the best countries to study and obtain a bachelor’s degree, the countries mentioned below can be mentioned


The existence of the warm-hearted people of Spain has multiplied the pleasure of studying. Also, the low cost of education and living is one of the other positive aspects of this country. Immigrant students are eager to learn after getting to know the sweet language of this country. It is good to know that in the Spanish study program, English is a part of teaching. You can study in Spain in various fields such as social sciences, journalism and other fields.


Germany is a quiet and special place for students to study and live with the best quality of education. This country has many fans for studying bachelor’s degree in European universities. Also, great job opportunities are available for every student both during and after studying. Social and job security, low cost of living and free universities are among the most important reasons for studying and immigrating to Germany.

Some of the benefits of free education in Germany are:

  • High chance of getting a German study visa.
  • High quality education for people for free.
  • Presentation of most educational programs in all levels in English.
  • Being close in terms of geographical distance.
  • Providing a wide range of educational programs by higher education centers (universities, art colleges and applied science universities).


Italy is another popular country for international undergraduate students. The universities of this country are at a high level of science and education. University tuition is also lower compared to Western European countries. Italian universities are among the oldest and oldest universities in Europe.


Portugal, like Spain, provides a fresh and friendly environment for foreign students, which is the motivation of many immigrants. In addition, Portugal has the oldest universities in the world. Different fields are being taught in the universities of this country with a strong educational system, including the field of medicine. The two cities of Lisbon and Porto have the largest number of students.


Austria is one of the safest countries in the world to live and study. Free education in some fields and low university tuition are among the things that can be mentioned. Austria is a mixture of German, Italian and Hungarian cultures. It doesn’t matter which city you are in, the architecture of this country has extraordinary views in all places. You can also study in Austria in the fields of music, psychology and… Get busy studying.


France is a very good choice for a bachelor’s degree in European universities. Because the French education system is one of the best in the world. This educational system is also one of the most comprehensive. Studying in France with low tuition fees is economically suitable for international students. Every year, French universities are ranked high along with other famous universities. France is a great choice, especially for students who want to study business.

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