Buying property in Portugal

Buying a property in Portugal is one of the ways to obtain residency in this EU country; In this way, you can easily get permanent residence in this country. Geographically, this country is located in the southwest of the European continent, in the lowest part of the continent. Security and good weather have made many people immigrate to Portugal . Also, the unique natural attractions, tourism and history of this country have made many people choose this country to live.

Why buy property in Portugal?

The prevailing climate of Portugal is Mediterranean and it is considered one of the warmest countries in Europe. This country has a common border with Spain and is located near the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Beautiful islands such as Madeira and Azores are located in Portugal.

The size of this country is 92 thousand and 212 square kilometers and its capital is the city of Lisbon. Also, its currency is Euro. It should be noted that the official religion in Portugal has not been specified, but more than 84% of the people follow Christianity and Catholicism.

Immigrate to Portugal through investment

From all parts of the world, especially Iran, you can get residence by buying a property in Portugal. This condition is a good and exceptional condition for people who are capitalists to obtain residency in Portugal. Buying a property in Portugal is not only a way to immigrate to a European country and obtain residency, but it is also an ideal and excellent investment.

Buying a property in Portugal alone cannot get residency, and to immigrate and get residency, the applicant must spend a 2-week period in this country. With this process, a person can get residence and visa of this country. Permanent residence takes place 5 years after investment.

By buying a property in Portugal, you can benefit from facilities such as unlimited travel and living in a safe European country, studying in prestigious schools, universities and working in Portugal.

Positive points of staying in Portugal by investing in property

When you immigrate to this country, you must have complete information so that you can experience the best investment. The experts of Andisheh Immigration Institute can guide you in this field.

Buying a property in Portugal allows you to enjoy the benefits of citizenship of this country. In addition to being able to have a pleasant experience of living, working, studying and relaxing in this European country together, traveling to EU member states without a visa is another benefit of obtaining a residence permit in Portugal.

One of the positive points of buying a property in Portugal is receiving a golden visa, which upon obtaining a Portuguese passport, the government of this country provides residence for the investor and his family.

Steps to invest in Portugal

First, by buying a property, a person is given a 2-year residence with a golden visa, and after the end of 2 years, a person can apply for permanent residence. If you have followed all the conditions and rules, you will be granted a Portugal visa. An interesting point is that after buying a property and living in this country and 6 years have passed since buying a property, your capital has grown and you can sell your property.

Selling your property after six years cannot lead to the cancellation of your residence, and this issue is considered a very important advantage.

Investing in Portugal by buying property

There are three price and geographic ranges for buying property in Portugal, which are as follows:

The lowest amount you can spend and invest by buying property in Portugal is from 285,000 euros and buying property in the autonomous regions of Azores and Madeira, which are less densely populated.

The next plan you can have starts from 355 thousand euros, with this amount you can invest in the city that has a long history. The final plan is that you can buy and invest in any property you like in any area with 500,000 euros.

People who buy real estate in Portugal can rent out their real estate and earn Euro income from it. Finally, by choosing one of the mentioned plans, you can multiply your capital, while also receiving Portugal residency.

Necessary conditions for buying property in Portugal

Any person who has the necessary capital to buy a property in Portugal can apply for the Portugal Golden Visa program. In this regard, each person must have the necessary documents and conditions. These documents are different according to the level of investment.

  • It is not possible to sell the purchased property for six years.
  • You have to transfer capital and money from your country to Portugal.
  • You must present a valid document and legal residence to enter Portugal.
  • The person must be ethically and have a history approved by relevant authorities.
  • To stay in Portugal for at least one 14-day period, alternately or consecutively, in each 2-year visa period.

Who is eligible to stay by buying a property in Portugal?

Any person who has financial resources can immigrate through investment in Portugal. You can hire a lawyer to get a golden visa for Portugal, or get expert advice from our consultants at Andisheh Immigration Company. Note that not knowing the laws governing in this country and making a mistake in buying property may lead to the loss of your capital; Any mistake may result in a lot of financial damage.

The cost of buying a property in Portugal

Apart from expenses like buying a house, there are other expenses like down payment on the property.

The costs related to buying a property in Portugal are:

1- The cost of buying the property according to the mentioned plans.

2- Stamp duty along with property transfer tax that must be paid by the investor.

3- The cost of obtaining a golden visa for a person, which must be considered.

4- The cost of a lawyer or a specialist consultant who accompanies you in every step.

It should be noted that the golden visa needs to be renewed every two years, and the cost of renewing it every two years is 5% of the initial price. Also, the additional costs of handling the application and extension of 533.90 euros for the main applicant plus 8330 for each family member must be paid.

final word

Buying a property in Portugal is one of the easiest ways to immigrate to Europe and get a residence in this country. By investing in this country, you can experience living, working and studying in an advanced European country, which is very enjoyable. The minimum capital required to buy a property in Portugal is 280,000 euros. To get more information, you can contact our consultants at Andisheh Immigration Institute by completing the request form for expert advice .

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