Company registration in Germany

One of the ways to immigrate to Germany and invest in this country is to register a company, which itself has several stages, different documents and special conditions. Germany is one of the first immigration and investment options among the countries of the world. The reason for this is its geographic and economic location, easy access to other European markets, suitable infrastructure, expert workforce and favorable living conditions.

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Company registration in Germany

Germany has many reasons to be chosen as one of the choices for immigration and investment. Among others, we can mention having high purchasing power, high scientific and research level, increase of trained specialists, safe environment for creating innovation, existence of security in intellectual property and legal protection of entrepreneurship.

In addition, in such a country, the government supports your constructive plans and programs by providing funds. Many information centers in Germany can provide you with the best guidance and advice on creating a business, finding the most suitable approach and finding funding sources.

All types of companies for company registration in Germany

In Germany, you can also witness the presence of various types of companies that you can register your desired company based on.

UG Company: This type of company has limited liability that does not require a lot of capital to establish. This type of company is also known as Mini-GmbH.

Co., Ltd. GMBH

Registering a limited liability company GMBH is the choice of foreign investors to immigrate to Germany and obtain a visa for this country. It is used for small and large businesses and its initial capital is also known.

AG joint stock company

This type of company registration is related to large businesses with more shareholders and is similar to limited liability companies in terms of law, but it will be different in terms of initial capital and purpose.

Germany Limited Partnership

In addition to the mentioned cases, there is a different type of partnership in which the presence of at least two partners is required. Its different types can be introduced as civil rights partnership (GbR), general commercial partnership (OHG) and limited partnership (KG), which differ from each other in terms of liability limitation.

Company registration procedures in Germany

One of the first steps to register a company in this country is drafting the company’s articles of association. After that, the necessary documents must be presented in this regard, some of which can be signed in absentia. But signing a part of them is only acceptable in front of a notary public in Germany.

In the first step of registering a company in Germany, you must choose a suitable name for the company and register it.

Among other measures is opening a bank account in an approved bank and depositing the minimum initial capital in it. In addition, you must also select and introduce your local accountant.

In fact, you can show all of the above in the current situation by presenting a business plan.

Of course, other rules such as age requirements, criminal record, personal ability to do work, etc. must also be proven to go through the company registration process.

What are the advantages of establishing and registering a company in Germany in this way?

  • Relatively short duration of the process.
  • No need for a language degree (if you have at least a bachelor’s degree).
  • Excellent living conditions in Germany.
  • It is possible to register in absentia at the German Embassy.
  • The possibility of living in Germany with family members.
  • The possibility of living in all Schengen countries.
  • The possibility of obtaining a residence permit and German citizenship for shareholders and their family members.

Required information for company registration in Germany

Company type: You need to choose what kind of company you want to create. including limited liability company, joint stock company or partnership

Company Name: The company name must be legal, unique and accessible.

Implementation of the company’s document and statute: For this purpose, your actions must be done under the supervision of the German Notary Public.

Capital deposit: According to the registration of any type of company, Germany has specified an amount under the title of initial capital, which must be fully deposited to the approved bank.

Business registration: The final stage will be the registration of the company and the invitation to implement your goals.

Documents required for company registration in Germany

  • Providing personal and family identity documents along with confirmation
  • Providing evidence of no bad background
  • Providing employment and possibly educational documents
  • Filled registration request form
  • Articles of association approved in notary public
  • The document stating the structure of the company’s board of directors
  • Bank approved certificate of initial capital deposit
  • Providing documents about the financial ability of the person towards himself and his family

After the documents are submitted and registered online or in person, the documents are submitted to the local German trade and standards office to obtain a permit.

After going through the legal procedures, a notice will be sent to the tax department to report the registration of the new company.

After that, you can start your business activity and if you want to obtain a country visa through company registration in Germany, you can apply.

Country visa through company registration in Germany

In Germany, the conditions for obtaining a visa are available through company registration. Investors can obtain permanent residence after five years in this country and German citizenship after eight years. In the case of the individual’s family, you can also include your spouse and children under the age of eighteen in the investment residence.

Of course, it is important to know that there is no dual citizenship law in this country, and once you get German citizenship, you can no longer have your previous citizenship. This general requirement may not be easy to accept for many, but it must be taken into account for immigrating to Germany.

Company registration fees in Germany

In Germany, in order to form and register a company, you must have a confirmation of opening an account with the specified minimum capital amount. In addition to that, other costs of creating an office, registration costs and official documents, staff, accounting, daily expenses, etc. should also be considered.

Of course, the personal expenses of yourself and your family, such as housing, food, etc., will also be prioritized. To get more information about company registration in Germany, you can contact our consultants at Andisheh Immigration Institute.

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