Company registration in Portugal in 2022

Registering a company in Portugal in 2022 is one of the new topics that we intend to discuss in this article. It is good to know that one of the ways to invest in Portugal is to register a company. In addition to obtaining a visa and residence in that country, you can get a great and golden opportunity to immigrate to Europe by setting up your desired business.

Why register a company in Portugal?

Portugal is developing day by day economically. Therefore, Portugal ranks 30th in the world in terms of the index of starting a business, which is an important factor for the interest of foreign investors to enter this country. There are many ways to invest in Portugal, such as property purchase, financial planning, pension plan and company registration. Therefore, registering a company in Portugal will be one of the best ways to immigrate to Portugal.

What are the benefits of registering a company in Portugal?

  • Obtaining visas from other countries
  • Possibility of applying for permanent residence after 3 years
  • After 5 years of activity, it is possible to get a Portuguese passport
  • Trade and commercial activity according to European trade and customs laws
  • The possibility of opening a personal and corporate account.
  • The possibility of receiving 100% ownership of the company without the need for a local partner.
  • The possibility of traveling to Schengen countries.
  • The possibility of trading with all European countries and trading with Portugal.

What types of companies can be registered in Portugal?

In Portugal, as in other foreign countries, the registration of a limited liability company is one of the most popular types of business companies. All the following companies must be registered under the Conservatória do Register Commercial, abbreviated as CSC.

  1. Private limited company

This type of company is mostly chosen by Portuguese small and medium businesses.

The minimum capital requirement in this type of investment is 5000 euros and the minimum value of each company share is 100 euros. This type of company is managed by two or more shareholders. The structure of these types of companies is very simple and in addition to the general assembly, they have one or more managers who manage different departments.

Conditions for registering a private limited company in Portugal

  • The total amount of the balance is 1.500.000 euros
  • The total amount of net sales and other profits is 3,000,000 euros
  • Annually and an average of 50 employees
  1. Company LLP

These types of companies have at least 5 shareholders, however, under some conditions, it is possible for a joint-stock company to have an exclusive shareholder.

The minimum capital required to register the company is 50,000 euros, and the minimum nominal value of each share will be 0.01 euros.

Unlike private limited liability companies, in the structure of a public limited liability company, a mandatory audit board should be provided, which is in addition to the board of directors and the general assembly. 3 models of management and supervision are expected in this type of companies:

  • General Assembly
  • Board of Directors
  • Board of Auditors

Public limited companies will have the suffix SA.

  1. Limited liability company

From the necessary explanations for this investment, it can be said that a limited liability company is a legal entity in which at least one member has unlimited personal responsibility for the company’s obligations. Unlike other partners whose responsibility is limited and defined by the amount of their capital. That is, one partner must be general and have full responsibility for the company’s obligations, but the next partner must have limited liability. The management task in these types of companies is performed by general partners. The name of this company must also include the words em Comandita or Comandita or SC. This type of company is formed between at least 2 partners and no minimum capital is required to set up a limited partnership company.

  1. Limited liability company with share capital

Unlike the previous company, this type of company has unlimited liability with limited partners and exclusive powers. The most important feature of this type of company is that the capital of limited partners must be divided according to shares and limited partners must be shareholders of the company.

The company name must include the name of a general partner or words such as em Comandita por acções or Comandita por acções.

The minimum capital required to register a limited liability company with a share capital of 50,000 euros.

How to start a business in Portugal

To start a business in Portugal, you need the following:

  • Portugal residence card
  • Tax number from the Portuguese Tax Office
  • Social security number from the Portuguese Social Security Organization

The mentioned items are among the first and most important documents for starting a business in Portugal.

In the next step, you need to make sure that your business idea is suitable and that you can start working as an entrepreneur in Portugal.

What are the documents required to register a company in Portugal?

  • Company Statute
  • Passports of members and shareholders along with their copies
  • Completed forms for company registration
  • Business plan or business plan
  • Renting a company or buying a place to start an activity
  • Opening a bank account and related documents
  • Sample signature of members and shareholders
  • Hiring an individual as the financial manager of the company
  • Certificate of non-bad background of all members

Registering a company in Portugal and presenting a business plan

Company registration in Portugal requires a business plan. In this way, the applicants of Portugal must convince the Portuguese Embassy regarding the profitability of the plan and its impact on Portugal’s economic development by presenting this business plan. Considering the importance of the business plan in the field of company registration in Portugal, it is better for applicants to benefit from the skills and experience of experts in this field.

A business plan should indicate the following: The general perspective of the job, the services that can be provided in the company, the products and models that can be provided by the company to the market, explanations about each of the investors and the level of skills, educational qualifications, capital, etc., related marketing plans, related policies. to the pricing of products, the amount of capital required, how to secure credit, the amount of profit, the relevant documents and documents, the approval of all licenses and various recommendations.

How much does it cost to register a company in Portugal?

هزینه های عضویت در سال ابتدایی حدود 5.950 یورو است و هزینه های سالانه شرکت در 2 سال بعد از آن به صورت رایگان خواهد بود.

The average cost of each transaction in Portugal amounts to 15,200 euros, which will include the incorporation of the company, the opening of a bank account and all government fees.

The cost of registering a company in Portugal online

Pre-approved statute fees = €180

Costs related to the statute = 180 euros

The cost of registering a company in Portugal in person

Cost in case of prior request of company name verification certificate = 435 euros

Registration fee in case of pre-approved company registration = 360 EUR

For companies whose scope of activity is in the field of technology, research and investigation, 120 euros and 320 euros will be reduced from the costs, respectively.

If there is a related trademark, 100 euros will be added to the above costs, and for each new trademark, another 44 euros will be added. Also, the accounting fee for registering a company in Portugal starts from 80 euros per month.

How long does the process of obtaining residency from Portugal with company registration take?

Portugal’s D2 visa, which leads to obtaining residency in this country through company registration, has several specialized steps that you must complete.

First you need to get the Portuguese tax code or NIF.

Open a business bank account and then transfer the initial capital to it.

Register the company officially and legally.

Apply for a Portuguese consular visa.

After arriving in Portugal, apply for a Portuguese residence permit.

How much does it cost to live and rent a house in Portugal?

Living in this country is very affordable. It can be said that from renting a house to food easily, including the cost of renting a house, a couple can have a comfortable life in the small towns of Portugal with an amount of about 1,700 dollars per month. In this article, we tried to provide explanations regarding company registration in Portugal in 2022. If you have any questions, you can contact our colleagues at Andisheh Immigration Institute.

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