Conditions for obtaining a German work visa for Iranians

Obtaining a German work visa is another service provided by Andisheh Immigration Institute. It is good to know that obtaining a visa for an ideal country that has the fourth largest GDP in the world and the third largest exporter in the world is a logical and reasonable decision. Because in Germany, people will enjoy proper rights and will experience a life with social welfare. In this article, we intend to inform you about the conditions for obtaining a German work visa for Iranians so that you can have a better future. So stay with us.

German work immigration conditions

Germany has the political system of the Federal Democratic Parliamentary Republic and has 16 states that can act independently in some matters. Germany is now one of the most industrialized countries in the world, and as the richest member country of the European Union, it is considered the economic engine of the euro area. About 40 million people of this country are working, of which 53.2% are men and 46.8% are women. Also, Germany is the largest national economy in Europe and was recognized as the fourth largest producer in 2009. The average unemployment rate in Germany was 6.7%. The supply of labor is also in short supply and many guest workers are employed in this country. Now that you know the importance of this country, isn’t it a good choice to immigrate to Germany through a work visa?

German work visa

Contrary to what most people think, getting a German work visa is not difficult at all; Because it is easy to find a job in a country that desperately needs labor to improve its economy and jobs on a daily basis. Also, the most popular type of immigration is work immigration through a German work visa, which has many fans. Especially among Iranians. The acceptance percentage of this country is more reasonable than other countries of the European Union; Especially, experts can easily get this type of visa. Job offer visa and Usbildong visa are two popular visas among Iranians, which are described below.

Types of German work visas

All people around the world can get this visa

  • German work visa without educational qualification

According to the new German laws, it is also possible to get a German work visa with a diploma. Also, people who have a two-year technical and professional degree can also apply for a German job search visa. It should be noted that people from Iran do not have a vocational or technical diploma to obtain a visa. The lowest degree required is a post-graduate diploma. In the previous laws of this country, you had to work according to your field of study, but with the recent changes in the law of this country, there are less restrictions and you can work in jobs related and similar to your field of study.

  • German work visa with professional technical degree

Although there is no specific age requirement for this visa, it is better to be at least 40 years old with a German language certificate and financial ability.

After obtaining a German work visa with a professional technical degree, you must complete an internship or skill training course to complete your skills in order to succeed in finding a suitable job. The duration of this course is one to two years and after that you will be able to earn an average salary of 48 thousand euros.

What are the benefits of a German work visa?

Due to its excellent geographical and socio-economic location, Germany has a lot of demand for visas, including work visas. Germany is one of the most advanced European countries, which is a suitable place for specialists. Every year, many people immigrate to this industrial and advanced country using their expertise and thinking. Among the top 500 companies in the world, more than 50 companies are located in Germany, and these companies always need specialized workforce. Below are some of the benefits of a work visa in Germany.

  • Visa-free travel to the European Union
  • The possibility of obtaining a blue card and finally a passport
  • The possibility of obtaining a work residence in Germany
  • Free education for children
  • Benefiting all family members from all welfare, health and medical services
  • A secure future with a great job

How much does a German work visa cost?

To view your application to receive a German work visa, you must pay an amount to the embassy of this country. The cost of a German work visa is 75 euros, which you must bring with you on the day of the interview and pay at the embassy. This amount is only for the review of your application and has other side costs such as translation of documents into German, local rent in Germany before going to the embassy or booking a room in a hotel. In addition, you must have travel insurance with a coverage of 30,000 euros.

Apart from these side costs, you should also have the cost of living in Germany for 6 months in your bank account. This amount is 5118, which you should have in your bank account in Iran and put it in the bank account you open in this country when you travel to Germany.

How to make an appointment with the German embassy for a work visa

Visit the website of the German embassy in Tehran and register online. To register, you need a passport number, identity information and an email. You must complete the identity information exactly based on the passport information. After the initial registration, you will be sent an email confirming your registration for the appointment. The time of the German embassy for a work visa is usually granted after 1 to 1.5 years. The time set for the embassy interview will be notified to you via email, and you must confirm the interview time within 7 days after receiving the email. When visiting the embassy, you must hand over your documents translated into German along with two copies of them.

What to do for a German work visa?

As mentioned, one of the most important ways to work in Germany is to get a German work visa. If you do not have the correct information in this field, immigration may become a complicated issue for you. Therefore, it is better to entrust the work to the experts and reliable people before any action. For any advice and guidance, you can contact our colleagues at Andisheh Immigration Institute.

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