Entrepreneurship and company registration in Denmark

Registering a company in Denmark is one of the ways that you can obtain residence in Denmark. Denmark It is one of the countries that is very popular among the people of the world. This country has a very suitable environment for investment, especially in the field of company registration, among the advantages that have made Denmark a suitable environment for immigration and investment. The following can be mentioned:

  • Ease of company registration
  • Favorable and growing economic conditions
  • Excellent scientific level
  • Good quality of life
  • Convenient European location
  • Available markets.

If you intend to immigrate to Denmark and obtain a Danish visa through company registration, you can get guidance from our group of expert consultants at Andisheh Immigration Institute in order to do your work correctly and accurately.

Types of companies in Denmark

First of all, it is better to familiarize yourself with entrepreneurship and company registration in Denmark. The types of companies in Denmark are:

1- Public limited company: In this type of company, one of the supervisors and also the hiring manager must be a resident of the European Union. The condition of minimum capital is also common in this type and the audit is done annually.

2- Private limited company: in this method, there is no requirement to be a European resident and the audit is done annually. The condition of minimum initial capital is also obligatory in this type.

3- European public limited company

4- Grouping of the European economy

5- Joint investment

6- Individual business

Company registration procedures in Denmark

In this country, like many other European countries, there are two ways to register a company.

In the electronic method, a person can register online and establish his company in a short period of time. Due to the fact that the Danish Business Organization performs all the registration steps in this method, there is a need to visit in person.

In the second method, we know it as paper registration. This method is complicated and time-consuming for various reasons. Of course, most limited liability companies do this method.

Company registration procedures in Denmark

Each company registration procedure in each foreign country has its own procedures and rules, which we will explain further about the company registration procedures in Denmark.

1- According to the size and smallness of the company, the goals and the amount of capital you have, choose the right type of company.

2- Choose a unique name for the company.

3- Presentation of the designed statute

4- Make a deposit in a reputable Danish bank according to the minimum initial capital.

5- After the company’s formation documents have been submitted, the first company will be given a CVR number by the Trade Department, which indicates the registration of the real company.

6- After the company is registered in the Trade Department, it will also be registered in the Danish Customs and Tax Department.

7- In addition to the above, companies that hire personnel must complete additional steps to register employees in the insurance company.

Company registration statute in Denmark

One of the most important and original documents related to company registration in Denmark is its articles of association. In the articles of association of any company, one can witness the presence of its basic and detailed information, including the name of the company, establishment goals, details related to the initial capital, address and name of the board members. Of course, you should know that many of the documents you submit for company registration must be notarized. Currently, the articles of association must be sent electronically to the relevant department.

Company registration tax in Denmark

In Denmark, tax laws are very important and all taxpayers try to pay it on time. Among the important taxes in this country, we can mention corporate income tax, withholding tax on dividends, social security tax, and many others. Corporate income tax is about twenty percent, which is paid every year. Of course, each company can choose a different twelve-month period.

In Denmark, taxpayers must submit the tax return online and electronically, and they only have up to six months after the tax year, after which they will be subject to penalties and fines.

Obtaining a visa for Denmark by registering the company

In Denmark, the government strongly supports innovative initiatives that create more jobs. This issue is registered so that entrepreneurs are interested in registering a company in Denmark. EU countries can operate freely in Denmark, but other countries must not apply for Danish residency to register the company.

In order to register your company in this country, you must complete your activities and submit the necessary documents about eight days before starting the company. After immigrating to Denmark, you will receive a temporary visa that can be extended. After five years and there are some other conditions, you will receive permanent residence in Denmark.

People who apply for immigration through company registration in Denmark should know that company registration is actually a subset of investment and therefore has its own economic indicators and factors. Among others, the following can be mentioned:

Property confiscation risk rate

Many countries keep this rate low to attract investors, and Denmark is an exception.

Corruption control rate

In Denmark, the effort is always to keep corruption under control in every area, and the government of this country always supports its foreign nationals in addition to its citizens.

Satisfaction quality rate

The Danish government has shown that it can support it in the field of economic development, in addition to regulating the law. Due to the existence of the optimal limit in this rate, the desire of investors to register the company has also increased.

final word

Foreign investors who apply for a visa to Denmark are aware that this country is ranked among the top European countries due to its many advantages. High quality of life, lack of bureaucracy and many other reasons have made immigrating to Denmark through company registration one of the most popular ways. Of course, every work has its own rules and regulations, and only a group of experts has knowledge and up-to-date information about all of them. So don’t miss their experience in this way. For more information about company registration in Denmark, you can contact our consultants at Andisheh Immigration Company.

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