French self-sponsored visa

ویزای خود حمایتی فرانسه

Nowadays, many Iranians decide to immigrate to European countries, especially France, for various reasons. But in this way, a large percentage do not reach their goal, and the reason for that is the difficult conditions of immigration to France. One of the ways you can make these conditions easier for yourself is to get a French self-supporting visa. This plan is also called D7 visa or VLS-TS visa, which we will introduce you to later. So stay with us in this article from Andisheh Migration Company.


A brief introduction to France

France is one of the European countries with a population of about seventy million people. The capital of this country is Paris and its official currency is Euro. Cultural and artistic attractions, beautiful nature, dynamic economy, relatively stable political situation and many other things are among the things that lead many tourists and immigrants to this country every year.

This country, like some other European countries, has the fields of investment and financial empowerment.

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What does the French self-sponsored visa plan mean?

If you are at a favorable financial level, you can immigrate to France using the investment method. This country welcomes investors who have no problem with immigration. Of course, in this way, there are conditions and regulations that must be considered. But you can immigrate to France and live there with a stable source of income and capital at your disposal. This type of immigration is called the French self-supporting visa scheme.

Disadvantages and advantages of the French self-sponsored visa

Certainly, each immigration method has its own advantages and disadvantages. This plan is no exception. We will explain further:


1- You are not allowed to have any job activity before you get permanent residence in this country.

2- Annual proof of financial ability will be required before receiving permanent residence.

3- The free citizenship services of this country do not include you until you receive permanent residence.

4- Buying or renting housing is mandatory.


1- You can get a permanent residence in France after five years and a passport of this country after ten years.

2- It is not necessary to have a permanent presence in this country during the relevant period and entering twice a year will be sufficient.

3- You don’t need to have a higher education or French language certificate for this immigration method.

4- You can obtain a Schengen visa and travel to other European countries that are members of the Schengen area by obtaining residence in France.

5- After receiving a residence permit from this country, you can continue your education and create a job.

6- There is no age requirement in this immigration method.

French self-supporting visa requirements

The main condition that you need to get a self-supporting French visa is to have financial resources. Having enough capital will help you choose this country for immigration and a better life. To show that you can afford it, you need to provide several documents:

First, you must have proof that you regularly have a minimum income.

Second, provide a document that shows the minimum amount of funds in the French account or the Iranian account approved by the French government. This is determined at least according to the person, their spouse and the number of their children.

Third, you should buy or rent a residential unit in this country. It doesn’t matter what amount you pay for it, but according to the law, its size must be chosen based on the number of people.

It is necessary to keep in mind that you are not allowed to re-rent the unit under your control until you receive permanent residence.


Procedures for obtaining a French self-supporting visa

At the initial stage, you should apply for a temporary residence and a one-year visa.

In the next step, you must completely fill out the forms related to the French Embassy and submit the relevant documents. Among these forms, there is also the French self-supported residence form, which you have only three months to complete after entering this country.

Next, you have to wait to receive the invitation and one-year residence card of this country, and during this period you will not be allowed to leave the country.

After that, you will have to renew your residence every year until the fifth year when you will receive permanent residence.

If you have no problem with the French government, you can receive the nationality of this country in the tenth year and enjoy all the facilities like its citizens.

Documents required for a self-supported French visa

1- Submitting a form in which the motive of your migration is written.

2- Having a valid passport with at least one year of validity

3- Presentation of personal identity documents and companions

4- In case of marriage, submit documents related to marriage

5- Providing documents related to job and work records

6- Submitting a letter of financial capability that has been approved by the bank.

7- Documents related to no bad background

8- The contract form for renting or buying a residential house in France

It should be noted that depending on the circumstances of each person, the embassy may request documents other than those listed above. The second thing is that some documents must be submitted before traveling to France, and others must be submitted to the government of this country after the trip.

The duration of obtaining a French self-supporting visa

In this type of immigration, the principle is that you can prove your financial ability. This method will definitely take time. This period can take from three months to a year, and this is definitely the time for people whose documents are accepted by the French government. Defects in documents or delays in doing any of the steps can either prolong the time or completely reject your acceptance by the French government.

Final word:

Although nowadays there are many strictures in connection with obtaining a French visa, but fortunately it is still not impossible. According to the existing strict rules, obtaining a self-supporting French visa is currently the easiest possible path for many Iranians. In this way, you will not need a language certificate or academic qualifications. Rather, the most important conditions are not having a bad background, legal problems and having a minimum capital. Relying on your capital, you can obtain a temporary residence at first, a permanent residence after five years, and a passport of this country after ten years. Of course, you may still have questions in this regard, our suggestion is to consult with our expert consultants at Andisheh Immigration Company.

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