Immigrate to Denmark

مهاجرت به دانمارک

If you are thinking of immigrating to Denmark, first of all you should check its conditions. Denmark is known as the most prosperous European country and many people want to immigrate to this country. Immigration is not an easy task, and before any action, you must have a complete knowledge of the destination country.

Why immigrate to Denmark?

Denmark is a European country based in Copenhagen. This country has only one land border with Germany and a sea bridge with Sweden. This country has a population of five and a half million, of which about ten percent are immigrants, and its area is about 43,094 square kilometers. The currency of Denmark is krone and its people speak Danish. The religion of the majority of people is Christianity, but other religions, including Islam, also account for a small percentage.

The governing system of Denmark is a monarchy, but the people are completely satisfied with this system; The reason for that is the absence of class differences and the existence of complete prosperity in this country. Other advantages of this country include ranking first in social welfare, seventh in per capita income, the title of the happiest people in the world, the lowest level of corruption, and four-season climate.

In this country, you may be surprised by the humor and friendliness between people; But mutual respect should prevail among these intimacies. One of the notable things in Denmark is the presence of a large number of cyclists instead of car drivers. In fact, people often use bicycles to travel.

The country of Denmark has five provinces called Hovedstaden, Nordiveland, Medioland, Shelland, Denmark Sweden and two self-governing and overseas territories called Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Get immigration to Denmark as well.

Immigrate to Denmark through education

Denmark is one of the countries that has a very high global reputation. Six hundred educational groups at different levels are among the features that make every person apply for studying in Denmark.

Other advantages of studying in Denmark include the high level of education, high security, the use of distinguished and educated professors, the quality of universities, the availability of a job market for students after completing their studies, people’s complete command of the English language, and ease of communication. pointed out in this country. University tuition fees in Denmark, in addition to the field, level and place of study, are determined according to whether you are from neighboring countries or distant countries.

To obtain an academic residence in Denmark, you must first receive an admission from the university. In order to be accepted, you must be at the optimal level in terms of language level and pass the initial assessment.

If you plan to stay in Denmark after graduation, you can hope to find a job that matches your degree. Because you are a priority for the government.

Immigrate to Denmark through work

You can get a residence for your family in addition to yourself by having a suitable job in Denmark. But this also requires conditions that we will discuss further. You will have a better chance of finding a job in this country if you have the necessary abilities, you are fluent in Danish or English, you have a high education degree with brilliant results.

In the past, Denmark had a green card system. It means that your abilities and conditions were evaluated based on a system and it was effective in getting residence. But today this system has been abolished.

So either you have to find an employer who has a job offer. This also requires not finding the workforce in Denmark and Europe after the three-month advertisement for the desired job.

Immigrate to Denmark with investment

In a global survey, Denmark is among the best countries for investment. In fact, it ranks third among all countries in the world.

Some of the prominent features of this country include appropriate infrastructure, the presence of specialized and highly specialized personnel, a high percentage of citizens who are fluent in English, up-to-date laws, the existence of modern European standards, a modern transportation system, ease of The matter of e-commerce, the presence of many big representatives of the world in this country, the low rate of financial and administrative corruption, the need for economic transparency, etc.

One of the ways to invest in Denmark is to register a company, which you should also consider. The main condition of this action is to have a very strong business plan that shows that it is effective in creating jobs and the economy of this country.

Immigrate to Denmark by birth

Countries follow two systems of soil and blood in terms of granting residency by birth. In Denmark, this system is based on blood. To put it more clearly, it is not important that the child was born in Denmark, but that it has a Danish father or mother. A child can get citizenship only if his parents are not known.

Danish residence through marriage

Marriage is another type of Danish residency method that is possible based on certain conditions. First, one of the parties must be a resident of Denmark. Of course, proving marriage is a difficult task and the reason for that is the abuses that have been done. For this purpose, it is important that some time has passed since the marriage and that this period can be proved by means of photos and videos.

Finally, after the necessary investigations, if it is proven that the marriage is real, the foreigner will also be granted residence in Denmark. In order to obtain citizenship, two years of cohabitation in Denmark must be passed.

Migration of artists to Denmark

Another example of immigration to Denmark is the immigration of artists and people who are successful in various artistic fields. For this purpose, in addition to a brilliant work history, a job offer must also be received from the Danish employer. After receiving a job offer, the artist can present a brilliant resume and prove his ability to obtain residency in this country.

Finally, at first, a temporary visa is granted with permission to extend, and after that, if the presence is positive, the person can obtain the Danish citizenship.

To get more information about immigration to Denmark, you can contact our consultants at Andisheh Immigration Institute.

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