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مهاجرت به آلمان

After immigrating to Germany, people benefit from special privileges such as free education, good job opportunities, high quality of life; But first of all, it is better to get to know this country. The Federal Republic of Germany, which we all know as Germany, is one of the advanced European countries with Berlin as its center. This country is bordered by countries like France, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. Its population is about eighty million, of which a percentage is made up of immigrants. Germany has sixteen states, each of which is governed independently. In other words, Germany has autonomous states.

Why immigrate to Germany?

You may be wondering why immigration to Germany is so popular. Germany is one of the ten most visited countries in the world, whose beauties include the variety of nature, churches, historical buildings and castles. Seventy percent of German people follow Christianity, and the other thirty percent belong to religions such as Judaism, Islam, etc. In Germany, you will see qualities such as punctuality, diligence, order, respect and family friendliness in people. In Germany, you see the shortest working time, but you need to know that the quality of work is very important in this short time. The reason for the short working hours is to create time to do different types of leisure activities.

Germany is an advanced and modern country in many ways, and for this reason, it has many applicants for visas. In the following, we will mention a few ways to obtain residency in this country. So stay with us at Andisheh Immigration Institute.

Immigrate to Germany through education

Immigrating to Germany through education is one of the easiest ways to immigrate. In order to study in Germany, you should know that you will be asked for a valid certificate to prove your knowledge of German or English. Some universities in this country teach in German and some in English.

Another point that you must observe in order to obtain an academic residence in Germany is that you must have passed the entrance exams of the country of origin.

You can have a temporary residence during your studies in Germany, which lasts for approximately four years. Many foreign students are satisfied with studying in Germany, citing very low educational costs, high academic level, and a good academic environment.

In addition to the above, you should also look for a supervisor to study for a doctorate. German professors are willing to choose you as a tutor only if you have a strong resume.

It should be noted that although studying in Germany is very cheap, but by learning the German language, you will be able to benefit from this opportunity completely free of charge.

Immigrate to Germany through investment and company registration

Immigrating to Germany through investment and company registration is one of the most appropriate ways to immigrate. As you know, Germany is classified as one of the most industrialized countries in Europe. For this reason, it welcomes many foreign investors and attracts them. Foreign investors are also very willing to invest in this country due to the existence of security and high economic growth as well as strong and advanced infrastructure.

There are many ways to invest in Germany; In the following, we only mention the most used ones:

Company registration: You must first submit a business plan of the company you intend to establish to the relevant department in Germany. The plan is reviewed and approved if it can be done in this country and if it is possible to make a profit. After approval, you will be able to obtain residence and advance your goals.

Immigrate to Germany through employment

Immigrating to Germany through work is not an easy task. You can only get a work visa from Germany if you receive a valid invitation or job offer from your employer. Of course, it is still subject to the condition that the employer advertises the desired job first in Germany and then in the EU countries for three months. If no one is found, a foreigner can take action.

To immigrate to Germany through work, it is definitely a difficult process to get a work visa, but it is not impossible. Of course, currently, in some fields, due to the lack of manpower, Germany has been able to leave this condition aside and request the cooperation of international experts. including electronics, electrotechnics, industries, mechanics, IT, etc.

At first, the work visa is for six months and it can be extended if the desired job is established. One of the conditions for obtaining a German work visa is the applicant’s age, which is usually recorded in advertisements. The degree must be at least a bachelor’s degree, and work experience is also required. One of the things that is important according to the job is knowing German or English. If you have all of the above and are successful in your work, you will be able to get permanent residence in this country after four years.

Another feature that you can get if you find a high-paying job in Germany is getting a Blukart. This means that you can study, live or even work in other EU member states besides Germany. You can also get permanent residence in a shorter period of time.

Immigrate to Germany through marriage

Another way to immigrate to Germany is marriage. In many countries, marrying its nationals is one of the ways to obtain residency. Germany is no exception to this rule. If you marry a German citizen according to the conditions of this country, you can also obtain its residence and citizenship. This seems to be the easiest way to get a visa, but keep in mind that the conditions before you are not so easy.

You cannot impress the German government with a sham marriage. First, the person you are looking for must prove to this country that he has adequate financial resources. This means that in addition to himself, he will also cover your expenses. The next condition is that you are fluent in German and at an acceptable level. In the next step, you must provide documents that support your official and legal marriage.

Then all the above cases are checked by the relevant organization in Germany and if the honesty and documents are proved, a marriage visa is issued. After that, you will also be allowed to work or study in this country. First, your residence is issued for one year with the possibility of extension, and after three years you can make it permanent.

To get more information on immigration to Germany, you can contact our consultants at Andisheh Immigration Institute.

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