Internship in Germany: Ausbildung

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What is a German internship or Ausbildung?

Are you looking for free education and immigrating to Germany and want to pay for yourself?

You can apply for Osbildung in Germany with only a diploma and even without work and education records and only with a B1 German language certificate.

With the global validity of this degree, whether during your studies or after completing the course, you can easily work in Germany and enjoy the benefits of this country and get your permanent residence after 5 years. Not only will you secure your future with this visa, but your wife and children (under 18 years old) can also enjoy this golden opportunity (free education, many job opportunities, medical facilities, obtaining residency and passport, etc.)

One of the best ways to immigrate to Germany, which has always been a safe destination for immigrants from all over the world, is to immigrate through Ausbildung. But it is necessary to mention that you must first obtain complete and comprehensive information to carry out your immigration actions so that you can choose the best way to realize your dreams, your goals and in line with your progress.

Therefore, you can stay with Andisheh Immigration Institute in this article so that we can review useful topics in order to expand your horizons regarding immigration.

Ausbildung in Germany and its conditions

دوره‌های آوسبیلدونگ در آلمان

Ausbildung is actually an internship and learning of various professions and skills that is held in Germany. There are people who are not interested in taking courses in universities and are more looking to enter the labor market directly. It is undeniable to enter the European job markets because with Ausbildung you will get closer to your dream without paying tuition fees.

After completing the Ausbildung course in Germany, you will receive a first-class work degree either at the school or the relevant company. I must mention that with this certificate, you will have more chances to obtain residence and find a permanent job in Germany. After the internship, in addition to earning money, people will be able to get a residence in Germany after 5 years.

Today, the Ausbildung course in Germany is held in more than 400-500 disciplines, so it can be safely said that all jobs in Ausbildung have training and internship courses; So those interested in participating in this course will be able to apply for work in Germany in their favorite profession.

Depending on the profession and skill you choose, the Ausbildung course can take 1 to 3 years. One of the positive points of this course is that in most skills, you will be given a specific salary or allowance during the internship.

It is contracted by German companies. With an Ausbildung certificate, you can officially work as a skilled employee and get close to obtaining a work residence in Germany.

Ausbildung internships are held annually in September or August.

Benefits of immigrating to Germany through the Ausbildung visa

This has many advantages, some of which we will discuss below. You know that Germany, due to its very low unemployment rate, is a suitable platform for immigration and finding employment opportunities. In the Ausbildung method, applicants have the opportunity to study, train, and do business at the same time, and they get theoretical and practical training at the same time.

One of the best advantages is that they don’t need financial support from their family, and they will have the possibility of employment during the training course and a work permit after the end of the Ausbildung course.

Finding a job immediately after completing the training course, obtaining residency with an internship visa, and obtaining a permanent residence visa in Germany after working in Ausbildung jobs are among the main advantages of this method.

آوسبیلدونگ در آلمان

German Ausbildung

In general, Ausbildung is held in two specialized courses . Applicants will receive a skill certificate after completing each Ausbildung course. People can work up to 10 hours a week during the training period of this course.

There are two types of training programs for Ausbildung:

1. Double Ausbildung courses

2. School Ausbildung courses

Duale brufsausbildung (Duale brufsausbildung):

It includes two theoretical and practical parts. These educational programs are held in colleges and schools and include technical courses, design and sales fields, etc. Is.

The necessary conditions to participate in these courses are to have a diploma, technical professional and mastery of the German language. Age requirements are usually below 35 years old and vary depending on different professions. People participating in dual courses are not required to pay tuition fees and receive a certain amount of salary.

School training courses

In order to acquire the necessary skills in these courses, applicants will be able to participate in this type of training without the need to obtain a license from the civil registry office or employment agency. Individuals will be required to pay tuition, and in the meantime, applicants who participate in courses such as health and care will be awarded salaries. In fact, it is better to say that in this period, it is common to receive more salaries in the field of nursing. Learning this course is done in both private and public colleges and it takes about 1-3 years.

Trainings are done both theoretically and practically, but the bottom of the scale is more towards the theoretical method.

This Ausbildung course is mostly used in fields such as industry, nursing, trade, sales, banking, engineering and design.

Documents required for Ausbildung in Germany

اخذ ویزای آوسبیلدونگ آلمان

Depending on the conditions and types of visas, the required documents are different. In this section, we describe the necessary documents for obtaining a German Ausbildung visa :

  1. Passport
  2. Providing academic admission
  3. Translation and presentation of academic documents, from diploma to the latest academic degree with transcripts
  4. Translation of birth certificate
  5. German language certificate at the required levels
  6. Letter of financial ability
  7. Applicant’s health certificate
  8. Policy
  9. Completing and submitting visa-related forms
  10. Resume and CV
  11. Experience and work experience (if any)

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Steps to apply to the German Ausbildung

Although each course requires its own conditions according to the skill you are looking for, in general, the following conditions are indicative of your needs to participate in this course.

1. B11 language certificate

B1, one of the primary requirements for participating in Ausbildung courses is to have a German language certificate, and it is better if you don’t have one. Get it as soon as possible. The more you master the German language, the easier it will be for you. You should be able to meet your basic needs well using the German language and use the vocabulary of this language easily. Obtaining this degree in Iran takes about 1 year.

2. Obtaining the required grade to enter the course

In the entrance exam, you must get the desired score and you must pay attention to this point because it is of great importance and you must get the required score.

3. Certificate of financial ability

To get a visa, you must present this certificate that shows your ability to pay your living expenses before finding a job. This amount is approximately 12,000 euros (1,000 euros per month).

4. Written confirmation from the technical and vocational education company

The validity of these documents will be checked three months after their delivery and the final result will be announced to you. This approval is one of the important documents that you should have obtained from a reputable company.

5. Health insurance

Until the start of the course, you must have health insurance so that if you encounter health problems, the cost will not be heavy for you, because medical services in Germany are completely free for those with insurance.

Information about study conditions in various fields for Ausbildung during studies: (Income figures are monthly and approximate)

Internship fieldperiod timeFirst year incomeIncome of the second yearIncome of the third yearIncome of the fourth year
Ausbildung auto mechanics3 years old975 euros1030 euros1100 euros-
Sports ausbildung3 years old920 euros970 euros1010 euros-
Ausbildung programming3 years old870 euros900 euros1000 euros-
Ausbildung architecture4 years old750 euros790 euros850 euros-
Culinary Ausbildung3 years old650 euros745 euros840 euros-
Accounting Ausbildung3 years old1300 euros1500 euros1700 euros-
Electrical Ausbildung2 to 3 and a half years850 euros950 euros1050 euros1110 euros
Ausbildung air traffic control3 and a half to 4 and a half years1200 euros1200 euros4000 euros5900 euros
Dental Ausbildung3 and a half years585 euros690 euros820 euros-
Ausbildung computer3 years old850 euros900 euros950 euros-
Ausbildung Imran3 and a half to 4 and a half years750 euros950 euros1300 euros1400 euros
Nursing Ausbildung2 and a half to 3 and a half years1200 euros1300 euros1400 euros1500 euros
Medical Ausbildung2 to 4 years0 euros0 euros0 euros0 euros

Ausbildung Car Mechanic Description: All classic training, about modern technology, car electricity, car auxiliary systems, etc. will be provided to the applicant and the person will have a good career as a car mechanic.

Ausbildung description of sports fields: The sports course mainly has two modes: Competitive sports (coach) and prevention and health sports

Description of programming training: During the course, applicants will be taught skills such as techniques, programming languages, tools used, how processes work, etc. They are trained and gain practical experience from the very beginning.

Description of Architecture Ausbildung: The degrees of this course are provided in three areas of construction, architecture and interior design. Applicants must complete 8 semesters and provide proof of 2 years of practical work.

Culinary Ausbildung Description: Applicants must be very hardworking and work even on weekends and nights. 40 hours a week must have practical presentation. In this course, trainings such as storing ingredients to preparing and serving food as well as buying basic cooking ingredients are provided.

Description of Accounting Ausbildung: One of the advantages of this field is that in addition to theoretical training, people will also be trained practically and will be completely familiar with the necessary skills.

Description of Ausbildung electricity: Electrical engineers will be in high demand for work and will be required to work in information technology and automation companies, energy supply and vehicle manufacturing, as well as skills such as evaluation and testing of electrical systems, assembly, processing and connection of mechanical components and electrical and control equipment. They will learn safety.

Description of Ausbildung air traffic control: (for citizens of European Union countries)

Description of Dental Ausbildung:

Ausbildung computer description: The training is theoretical and practical and students will be equally present in the company and college.

Description of Ausbildung Imran:

Explanations of Nursing Ausbildung: In this field, in addition to theoretical topics, the applicant must spend 40 hours a week in practice.

Description of the medical education: Applicants for this course will not receive a salary and will pay tuition according to the desired field.

The list of the best jobs and their approximate salaries after completing the internship:

بهترین مشاغل برای مهاجرت به آلمان
job titleApproximate salary
Dental hygienist3300 euros
Real estate expert3000 euros
Nurse2900 euros
truck driver2500 euros
Air traffic controllerFrom 6000 to 8000 euros
bank employeeFrom 2500 to 2900 euros
Police3300 euros
Ship mechanics2700 euros
elderly nurse2640 euros
Information technology specialist2400 euros
Investment fund managerFrom 2300 to 2500 euros
Commercial insurance and finance expert2400 euros
Media technology expert2800 euros
Technical system planning and product designFrom 1600 to 2900 euros
Crowdsourcing expertFrom 2000 to 2500 euros
Physics laboratory technician2200 euros
Mechatronics specialistFrom 2000 to 2900 euros
Administrative specialist2000 euros
Electronics technicianFrom 1600 to 2000 euros
Government employeeFrom 1800 to 2200

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