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Immigration through company registration

Company registration is one of the best and easiest ways to invest and migrate to other European countries. Sometimes, when migrating to another country, you have to invest in the desired country, but you may be able to do it for yourself with a much lower cost and less time through company registration. and your family members obtain the residence of a country. In this article, we will examine obtaining residence through company registration. Of course, the fact that people are becoming more interested in immigration day by day due to their personal reasons should also be given special attention because each immigration method is different depending on the life conditions and interest of the applicant, so if we have not done the necessary research and have enough information If we don’t know about our target country and its laws, we definitely have lost both our capital and our time, so consulting with honest and committed consultants is one of the most important and influential things in achieving success. International company registration has many advantages that everyone can choose the desired conditions according to the existing rules, in the following we will enumerate the advantages of registering a company abroad.

Obtaining residence through company registration

There are several ways to immigrate and obtain residency in European countries. Company registration is one of those capital investment methods that exist through starting a business, which can be used for things like starting a business as a sole trader, business partner, branches of foreign company offices. and registered the company in the country in question.

People who intend to immigrate and obtain residence through company registration do not need to obtain a work visa of another type, they only need to have a residence permit in the desired country to register the company. This residence permit is initially temporary and after a few years, due to the success in trade, business and also the registered company, the person will be able to obtain a long-term and permanent visa. The European Union is a suitable platform for selling services and products and also provides access to a huge source of suppliers. By registering a company in Europe, it is possible to obtain a residence in one of the countries of this area for the CEO and his family in a short period of time, and you can also enjoy the benefits of living in Europe, opening an international account, and many other benefits in this way.

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Benefits of registering a company in Europe

  • Obtaining residence through company registration
  • Opening an international bank account
  • Stay away from existing sanctions in the country
  • Entering international markets and mass production and high volume of products
  • Achieving a high level of well-being
  • Better management of human resources and resources
  • Use of tax exemptions and other export incentives

This point Keep in mind that each European country has set specific rules and regulations for issuing company registration and residence permit for foreigners, some countries consider it easy to obtain residence and start a business, while others make the issue of obtaining a residence and starting a business difficult for foreigners. Non-Europeans find it practically impossible. Also, to register a company and start a business in any country, you must evaluate the following:

Having easy rules and process for registering a company and setting up a business in that country Having easy rules and process for extending stay in that country Having easy rules and process for living, studying and traveling to other Schengen area countries The amount of capital required for setting up Business in that country, the appropriate cost of doing the company registration process in that country, the costs and living conditions in that country, educational and language qualifications, as well as the work records required to register the company in that country.

Points to be considered for company registration:

Recording of all consolidated and conflicting decisions, meeting minutes, changes, expert advice and fixing its substantive defects in the relevant systems, as well as creating virtual offices and applying tax exemption methods in all free trade zones, especially in Kish Island, are other noteworthy points. He referred to the ranking and determination of the competence of the Ministry of Labor (Employers’ Association) for all service companies. In the following, it is possible to provide advice on obtaining an establishment license, completing a questionnaire, agreeing in principle and writing all kinds of justification plans, and registering all companies. Foreigners, receiving a visa card and opening an account in the respective countries, registering international companies along with registering all Persian and Latin trademarks and trade names, transferring shares in private joint stock companies without the need to attend the tax office. Transfer of partners and entry and exit of partners without direct presence in the company registration office, as well as membership and ranking of the Supreme Council of Informatics for all computer companies and consulting on the rating of contractors from the program and budget organization and all relevant departments.

Company registration is an excellent and profitable option for all people who have the necessary capital and also intend to immigrate and obtain residency in the destination country, but for your safety and peace of mind, contact expert lawyers before proceeding.