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Migration through business acquisition

Immigration through business purchase is a method that is more suitable for investors because a lot of money must be spent to buy a business. In addition, the minimum amount of capital and assets in this method is very different from buying a property in the country.

In fact, it can be said that applicants who enter the territory of another country through the purchase of a business, by running that business and creating jobs, prove their legitimacy and productivity to the host government. As a result, they can use the benefits of work experience and the place offered by that country to get residence as quickly as possible. By buying a business and starting a business, you can earn money immediately. There is no provincial or regional limit in this method. Europe is an attractive destination for many investors. On the one hand, numerous business opportunities, on the other hand, economic stability, integration and access to a wide range of customers add to the attractiveness of doing business in Europe. But when we have to choose a destination among 28 European countries, it becomes a bit complicated and perhaps worrying.

You definitely want to choose the best option. Usually, the best option for starting a business is a country that has good and extensive trade relations with other countries in Europe and the world. The advantages of buying a business include faster entry into commercial markets, the availability of specialized labor, and the lack of need for much information in the field. He mentioned administrative issues such as the financial process, availability of required certificates and valid documents, and less risk taking.

How to buy a business in Europe

1. Starting a business from scratch

Buying a business from scratch is a method in which the applicant is responsible for registering the company and setting up his own business. Starting your business starts with choosing the company name and business idea. It is also necessary to provide a justification plan. The applicant must complete all the registration and supply steps. If the capital is done correctly, then you will determine the field of activity of your company and start your field of activity. This setup includes renting a suitable place, obtaining the necessary permits, purchasing the required physical equipment, and requires time and precision. In the last step, you will hire the required staff or start the business to start.

2. Buying a ready-made business in Europe

Another way to obtain residency and immigrate to Europe is to buy and run a ready-made business. In most cases, buying existing businesses is less risky than starting from scratch. When you buy businesses, you are taking on operations that are currently generating cash flow and profits. You have an established client base, reputation and employees who are familiar with all aspects of the business; And you don’t have to adjust the wheel to set up new procedures, systems and policies, because a successful formula for running businesses is already in place.

In this method, a number of designed and ready businesses are presented to the buyer, the necessary explanations regarding the business and useful advice are given to the applicant. Through this ready business, European residency is obtained for the applicant and family. In this case, another person has done all these steps and for whatever reason does not want to manage that business anymore. Proven, get remarkable results.

Since one of the best ways to obtain residency in other countries is to start a business It is in them, by buying a ready-made business, in addition to transferring your capital in the safest possible way, you will benefit from the gift of residence in that country. The cost of buying a property and obtaining a residence in Europe in the lowest possible form is 250,000 euros, which is a heavy amount. But by buying a business with lower numbers, you can get residence in countries such as Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal, or France and Slovakia. This work is less risky, it is possible to enter the labor market faster and the workforce is available.

In the following, we will mention the things that have a direct impact on your business:

  • Conduct a uniform business code search to discover any collateral that has been recorded
  • Ask business lawyers for help in understanding the legal history of the company and read all old and new contracts.
  • Review pending state and federal statutes, local classification regulations, and patent history.
  • Legal trade debts take many forms and may be so hidden that even the honest seller does not know they exist. Make sure that your lawyer has added a “hold harmless” clause to the contract. This ensures that you are protected from the consequences of the seller’s previous actions as the owner.