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Self-supporting visa or financial means

One of the methods of immigration and obtaining residence is the self-support program or financial empowerment, which our team intends to introduce you to the general definition of this program and the most general conditions and related issues, as well as a number of countries suitable for this type of residence. The general form of residency is that it requires appropriate financial conditions, but does not require the transfer of capital to obtain residency, and only by showing the appropriate financial conditions, which may differ from country to country, can residence in the destination country be achieved.

Self-supporting residence or financial ability

Self-supporting residence is one of the immigration and residence programs by providing financial support to the destination country. A person can apply for this type of residence in the destination country without investment by showing appropriate financial conditions and having sufficient income in his country. You need to know. The conditions of self-supporting and self-supporting residence offered by the destination country are different, and each country offers special residence conditions. Usually, six months of attendance and not having a work permit is one of the main cases, although there are exceptions in some cases, which will be discussed further.

There are different types of self-support that we will mention:

Therefore, we will review some of the countries that have provided the residency program for financial empowerment in order to make the appropriate information available to you, the applicants, before applying for residency. or place the destination for several months and also provide a monthly income according to the laws of the destination country. We have reviewed financial availability in different countries below.

Self-supporting Spain

If the application submitted by the applicant is approved, he will have a one-year residence permit in this country. If he can settle in Spain for six months and follow the country’s laws, this residence will be extended to a two-year residence and after five years, this will be extended. The residence becomes a permanent residence and the right to work is released for you. However, after 3 to 5 months, you can apply for a work permit. It should be noted that after 10 years of residence in Spain, you can apply for Spanish citizenship and a passport. receive

Greece's self-support

The country of Greece has a great geography and climate, which is the goal of many applicants of the financial empowerment program. The dynamic economy and civilization and cultural history of this country have placed Greece in the top category. You need to know that for self-supporting residence in Greece, a person First, he should travel to this country, which of course is also possible by expert lawyers.

Self-supporting Portugal

Portugal is one of the growing European countries that has an impressive educational and cultural system. The warm and friendly people of this country have multiplied the beauty of this country with their sincere and friendly behavior. The cost of living in this country is lower than in other European countries. It is a suitable destination for expats. Unlike other self-supporting residences, Portugal residence card holders are allowed to work.

Self-supporting Switzerland

Self-supporting residence in Switzerland is a method under the set of methods of investment and financial empowerment of Switzerland. By obtaining this residence, you can obtain permanent residence in this country by observing the condition of being present for six months a year and after ten years, then from the year 12 this possibility to obtain Passport and citizenship will be provided to you. The method of self-support or residence without a work permit in Switzerland is divided into two main methods. The first method is the retirement visa, which is for people over 55 years of age and retired people, or the high tax visa, which can be applied for people with a lower age. In obtaining this type of residence, the applicant must show that he has a very high financial support and can cover the living expenses of himself/herself and his/her companions. It is worth mentioning that the cost of living in Switzerland is higher than other European countries and the amounts you have to show for expenses are also higher than other self-supporting countries.

Italy's self-support

Staying financially in Italy is one of the methods of immigrating to this country that does not require investment. In this country, people can enter this country by proving their financial ability in their accounts and complete the six-month stay requirement. The initial granted residence is one year and then two two-year residences can be extended.

Choosing the best country to obtain a self-supporting residence among countries can vary according to the applicants’ financial conditions and their resumes. Andisheh Immigration Institute is trying to guide you in the right direction to enjoy complete prosperity.