Immigration to Belgium

مهاجرت به بلژیک

Immigration to Belgium is possible in various ways such as education, work, marriage, investment and property purchase. Belgium is one of the beautiful European countries with the center of Brussels. Its neighbors include Germany, Luxembourg and France. Northwest Norway is connected to the North Sea with a 64-kilometer coastline, and this has caused it to have a mild and humid climate. In other words, mild winters and cool summers are the advantages of the geographical area where it is located.

Why immigrate to Belgium?

The total area of this country is 30,230 square kilometers, and accordingly, it is classified as one of the small European countries. The population of Belgium is close to eleven and a half million people, which has caused an increase in population density due to the small size of the country.

In Belgium, you will see two types of races known as Flemish and Walloons. The Flemish speak Dutch and live in the north of the country, while the Walloons speak French. Of course, this two-handedness in the dialect has repeatedly threatened the unity of the country.

The religion of the majority of people in this country is Christianity, and a smaller percentage is made up of Muslims and other religions.

One of the obvious moral characteristics of Belgian people is their sense of humor. From political issues and politicians to economic matters, in terms of hard work, they are to the extent that their desired activity is done correctly, and on the other hand, they care a lot about having fun and having fun.

There are also different ways to immigrate to Belgium, which we will mention below.

Immigration to Belgium through education

One of the easiest ways to immigrate to Belgium is through education. The number of annual applicants who prefer to study in the universities of this country is very high, and the reason for them is the high quality of the education level, the very high validity of the received degree and the ease of applying for a study visa.

In order to be able to get a visa from Belgian universities, you must meet the following conditions, including having a diploma, passing the entrance exam, and having knowledge and a certificate of Dutch or English are the most important.

In the city of Belgium, students can work for 30 hours a week in addition to studying. After completing their studies, they have up to six months to find a suitable job with their degree and get permanent residence after three to five years. There is another positive point in the study visa, and that is receiving accommodation for the first-class family as a companion

Immigration to Belgium through work

To immigrate to Belgium through work, you need to get a work visa; First, you must prove that you have relevant expertise and qualifications. In addition, you must have knowledge and language skills.

Another condition is to have a maximum age limit of forty years.

You have two ways to do this:

Receiving a job offer from a Belgian employer can be your way to enter this country and use a work visa. Of course, this case can be seen in many European countries that the employer must first advertise the desired job in the country of origin and European area for a certain period of time, and if it is not found, it can choose the desired person from among the international applicants.

As for the second method, the applicant for immigrating to Belgium can request a one-year opportunity from the Belgian government and find the desired job according to the level of skills, type of study and other conditions.

After you have received the work visa of this country, you can work for three years. After that, if successful, you will receive permanent residence.

Immigrate to Belgium by investment

The main reason for investors to choose Belgium is the high level of political and economic security, as well as low inflation and disease rates. Likewise, these people are not worried about property confiscation and economic instability. Perhaps the lack of administrative corruption is a reason that can help investors to trust more. Investment ways to immigrate to Belgium include company registration, property purchase, bond purchase, etc.

Immigration to Belgium through marriage

Marrying a Belgian citizen can also help you get the citizenship of this country. Of course, it is not possible that easily and it has its own conditions. Among other things, the Belgian citizen must prove that he has sufficient financial resources, and the reason for this is to show the ability to cover the expenses of one’s life partner. The second case is to prove the legality and formality of the marriage, which must be proved with photos and videos in addition to documents. A foreigner can get permanent residency in Belgium after five years of healthy cohabitation.

Other conditions include being 18 years old, both parties being single, one of the parties having Belgian citizenship and living in this country for more than three years, having a job and sufficient salary, having a certificate of physical and mental health, having a certificate of no Bad background and so on.

Immigration to Belgium by birth

Birth is another way to immigrate to Belgium, which causes one to receive residency. But this method can also be under certain conditions. The first and most important condition is through blood. This means that the child’s father or mother must be a Belgian citizen. In other words, if a person is born in Belgium while his parents are not citizens of this country, the child will not be granted a residence permit.

Of course, the mere formality of marriage does not mean that a child born to parents who are Belgian citizens but with an informal marriage does not receive the citizenship of this country. This case can be classified as an exception. One of the other things that can make a child a Belgian citizen is his guardianship under the age of eighteen by a Belgian family.

For more information on immigration to Belgium, you can contact our consultants at Andisheh Immigration Institute and benefit from their advice and guidance.

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