Immigration to Russia

مهاجرت به روسیه

Immigrating to Russia is considered a good option for many reasons, which has attracted the opinion of many people. Currently, many people are planning to emigrate. In the meantime, some countries are more popular and easier destinations to go to, which are more welcoming to applicants. Things such as the possibility of continuing academic studies in high-quality universities at a low cost, the possibility of making low-risk investments with low initial capital, getting a visa without any trouble, etc. can be considered as the reasons that made immigration to Russia welcome. are

In this article, we are going to introduce you to Russia; Then let’s explain the legal methods to immigrate to Russia. be with us.

Why immigrate to Russia?

Russia is the first vast country in the world, which is located in the two continents of Asia and Eastern Europe. It is interesting to know that this country shares land borders with 14 other countries and has 5 maritime borders with different seas, one of which is the Caspian Sea.

The capital of Russia is Moscow and its people speak Russian. Ruble is the official currency of this country and only this currency is used for all financial and commercial matters. One of the reasons why immigration to Russia has always been attractive is the economic growth of this country and its advanced state.

In recent years, with the economic development that has been provided for this country and the many job and investment opportunities that have arisen, many immigrants have been attracted to this country, especially its big cities, including St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Cost of living in Russia

Cost of living is always one of the most important things that expats pay attention to. In Russia, the cost of living is high, and of course, these costs and expenses completely depend on the city that a person chooses to live in. For example, Moscow is more expensive than all the cities in this country, and the cost of living in a city like St. Petersburg or Volgograd is lower in comparison.

Russia’s economy is extremely advanced and is at a high level, and its prominent industries include gas, oil, steel, agriculture, chemicals, metals, wood, energy production, etc. Russia is one of the very cold countries with long winters.

  1. Educational migration to Russia

The easiest way to immigrate to Russia can be introduced as educational immigration. If you have participated in the antifaq courses and have a certificate, you no longer need to have a special certificate for the language. Also, education has no age requirement and anyone can study without restrictions.

The next issue is the convenience of getting a visa, both for the individual and for his family. If you can get a scholarship in this country, you can study in the best Russian universities at a low cost.

  1. Work migration to Russia

The next solution proposed for immigrating to Russia is work immigration and obtaining a work visa for this country. Usually, there is no age range and special restrictions for getting a work visa, but usually people over 35 to 40 years old are not accepted anymore.

The work visa of this country is in two forms: The first is a single entry visa that is only for 90 days and is considered a basic visa for working in this country, and the second is a multiple entry visa that is long-term and allows a person to work in the country for a long period of less than 12 months. gives Russia What type of visa and how long you get credit depends on various factors such as your expertise and the type of job you are going to work in, your citizenship status, visa status, and its quality and cost.

  1. Immigration to Russia by investment

One of the best ways to immigrate to Russia can be called investing and getting a residence in this way. You can get its residence by registering the company in this country. There are two main methods for this, which are:

  • Buying property

When buying a property, you must allocate at least a certain amount to the purchase of the property in order to qualify for a visa. With this, you can get a permanent residence and even get a passport of this country.

  • Company registration

In the company registration method, you are faced with two ways: First, get a temporary residence which is currently 3 years and you have no investment restrictions and you can register a company with any amount. In the way you can get permanent residence, you must have the minimum amount determined for investment and the initial capital for this. In addition, you must employ 10 Russians in your company. Keep in mind that investment visas are for 1, 2 or 5 years.

Other methods of immigration to Russia

In addition to the three main methods that exist to immigrate to Russia and are used by more people, there are other ways to obtain residence in this country. These methods can be described as follows:

  1. Immigrate to Russia by marriage: By marrying a Russian person and under certain conditions, you can get residence in this country. For example, 3 years must have passed since your marriage, when you apply for a passport, you must reside in Russia and…
  2. Immigration through the birth of a child: obtaining Russian citizenship through birth does not comply with the law of the land and there must be special conditions to be able to obtain Russian citizenship through the birth of a child.
  3. Immigration by accompanying a resident person: People who have a visa and any type of residence in Russia can bring their spouse and minor children with them.
  4. Immigration to Russia with asylum: this method is very risky and we do not recommend it at all.

For more information, you can contact our consultants, our team will provide you with sufficient explanations about immigration to Russia.

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