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Who wouldn’t like to work in Europe and advance to a great position? Working in Europe with great benefits. It has paved the path to success for Iranians, and therefore many applicants are interested in this path, easy travel to other European regions, being in Schengen area Access to permanent residency In the shortest time, the benefits of immigration and residence through job search is that both you and your family enjoy it. There are also significant points in this field, such as the age requirement that has a direct relationship with the chance of obtaining your visa through having a job offer from Europe. Thirty to forty years It is that the closer your age is to 30, it is included young force considered and you have more chance of acceptance. Also, the unemployment rate in European countries is different. Before taking action, it is better to check the unemployment rate of the destination country. The lower the unemployment rate of the destination country, the more chances you have. Also, your field of study and educational qualifications should be related to the jobs required by the destination country. .

Employment and work conditions in European countries

Basically, all European countries have the same law and order, as a result, the labor laws are also the same in these countries Unemployment rate It is not the same in all countries, so if your main goal is to work in Europe, it is better to check the unemployment rate of your destination country and definitely go for jobs that are the same as your educational qualifications. Increase Gives. For example in Germany lack of manpower Nurses and nurse assistants in Sweden lack of medical and paramedical personnel is obvious. Also, applicants with their families in the form Simultaneous They can also advance their case There is no need to provide a language certificate In many European countries, you can start to participate in language courses and enter the relevant labor market after completing the course. In general, as we have mentioned, to work in European countries, applicants should apply either through Job Offer or, if there is no job offer, through Job Seeker.

Getting a job offer and working in Europe

This immigration method basically means getting a job and a job offer from a foreign employer of a company or a European person. It is very difficult for the employer to find a job in Europe and conversely to find a workforce from outside Europe, and one Additional three-month process It takes a long time for a job offer to be advertised in the European area if even one person is qualified to receive the desired job position; employer according to the lawPreference for native forceHe is obliged to hire him/اher. This makes it extremely difficult for Iranian nationals. However, some countries recruit workers for a number of jobs they need because they are facing a shortage of skilled labor.

For example, in Sweden, they attract special and skilled workforce for the field of IT, so many applicants are interested in working in the field of computers. Or, for example, Denmark has provided special conditions for immigrant doctors. People who plan to work in Eastern European countries should keep in mind that most Eastern European countries have many issues and problems such as: Weakness of democracy, high corruption, widespread unemployment, high inflation and low welfare are there, and as a result, people who want to work in Europe are better off looking for work in first class European countries like Germany, Austria, Norway and Sweden, and as a result, working in Eastern European countries is strictly not recommended to you.

Jobs in Austria

  • mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineers
  • Graduate engineers in the field of data processing
  • telecommunication Engineering
  • Graduates of social sciences
  • economists
  • physicians

Required jobs in Germany

  • Material engineering and metallurgy
  • Structural civil engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Accountants and financial advisors and scientific statisticians
  • Communication engineering

Documents required to obtain a work visa in Europe

  • Providing valid and relevant work experience
  • Presentation of educational qualifications
  • Submission of completed forms related to work visas in Europe
  • Valid identity documents
  • Passport
  • Photo with passport details
  • Providing a valid language certificate
  • Providing adequate financial support for a 6-month stay in Austria or Germany

In work visas, applicants for work in Europe can submit their family reunification application after concluding a work contract and receiving work residence in the destination country. Through this request, it will be possible to join the spouse and children under 18 years of age according to the international rules of family reunification. The wife is allowed to work full-time and the children’s education is free of charge.