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Have you ever noticed how important time is and within six months you can direct your life in a different direction and achieve success in less than six months? Applicants who They can search for work Be in direct contact with the employer and Physically write a work contract with the employer in this way Applicants looking for work in Europe can, in order to get a job and immigrate to European countries through work; The beginning of the matter through Job seeker visa is valid for six months after entering the destination country. The main applicant is offered only in two countries Germany and Austria is paid and it is considered a suitable bridge for Iranians to migrate because these two countries are in dire need of skilled workers in various fields, but the important point is that only if a suitable job position is found in the destination country, the applicant has a chance to obtain a work visa. otherwise, he will return to his country and will not receive a visa. Therefore, it is better to do your best within six months to find your desired and suitable job and sign a contract with a European employer. Also, our company will be with you during all these steps to ensure your future.

Due to the lack of labor in Germany, every year many people want to obtain a German job search visa so that they can obtain German residency and citizenship through receiving this visa and finding a suitable job in Germany. If you intend to obtain a German job search visa, you must check your conditions before proceeding; Because the field of study of the applicant is very important in obtaining a visa. For this reason, in this article, we will examine the conditions for obtaining job search visas in Germany and Austria.

Job search visa conditions

This visa is one of those visas that attract many applicants every year, which can be applied in both Germany and Austria.

German job search visa

This visa is a six-month visa that is issued for the immigration of the applicant, in which case the applicant can settle in this country for six months and look for work. The applicant must have a degree At least a bachelor’s degree and can get the desired job in this country related to her/him field of study. Also, it is very important to provide a relevant work experience and have a language certificate at the B1 level in obtaining this type of visa. It should be noted that by obtaining this type of visa, it will not be possible to work in Germany easily, but the applicant will only get permission to find work in Germany, and if he finds work, he must change his visa to a long-term visa. so that he can work in the desired job. One of the interesting points to note in this regard is the low cost of the job search visa compared to other visas.

It is interesting to know that working residence in Germany is It will be renewed annually And if the applicant can work full-time in this country for 5 years and pay taxes and insurance for himself/herself and his/her family members, he/she can fifth year own residence Application for permanent residence in Germany bring it up and get it. After 5 years of residence of the applicant, the applicant has this opportunity to apply for a German passport in the seventh year; In this case, you can also obtain German citizenship. If you intend to obtain German citizenship, you should know that the applicant must be able to have sufficient command of the German language. Also, knowing the history of Germany is very important for obtaining a passport of this country.

Austrian job search visa

Austria is one of the Central European countries that is facing the increasing acceptance of immigrants to immigrate to this country. Factors that can be mentioned to increase the desire of immigrants to choose Austria as a destination include:

  • Being among the ten richest countries in the world, neighboring with the industrial and powerful country of Germany
  • low population
  • Low unemployment rate
  • Privileged geographical location in the center of Europe
  • Economic prosperity and stability
  • high security
  • Appropriate social services

There are different ways to enter the country of sculptures, and obtaining a work visa and finally a work residence is one of the most attractive. Considering the intense competition of job seekers in Austria, having a good academic and work resume and mastering the official language of this country, that is, German, is more necessary than ever.

Also, if you find a suitable job within six months after the end of this period, you can renew your permit in this country, and if you spend a period of time in that country, you can obtain permanent residence in this country.

It should be mentioned that you should adapt all the steps, especially your work contract with the employer, to the legal conditions of the country and use expert lawyers so that your case does not get into trouble and you do not violate the laws of the country.

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