List of required jobs in Germany for work immigration 2022

If you are planning to immigrate to Germany and are looking for the list of required jobs in Germany in 2022, you have come to the right place. We help you to get complete information in this field. First of all, it is good to know that Germany is in need of labor in various fields due to the favorable conditions and low unemployment rate, therefore, work migration to Germany is a golden ticket to success and a smooth path for experts or non-experts. Join us to explore the details of jobs needed in this country.

In this article, we will examine the following, which are:

  1. Work migration to Germany as a specialist
  2. List of required jobs
  3. Germany’s most prosperous businesses
  4. Average annual salary


Work migration to Germany as a specialist

It should be noted that this job statistics in Germany changes every year, so we provide you with useful information about the jobs needed this year for you as an expert. All career trends in Germany are defined depending on the social and economic conditions of that year; Therefore, the categories of jobs mentioned below are the most in demand in Germany.

List of required jobs in Germany for work immigration 2022

  • medical
  • Nursing and care
  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Industrial and expertise-based jobs
  • Recovery, sales and advertising

In the following, we will examine the list of required jobs in Germany in each of these job categories along with other details.

Medicine and pharmacy in Germany

Every year, the number of requests for recruitment in the medical field increases, and it is a positive and excellent point for people who specialize in this field. Because Germany has an efficient medical and health care system and is facing a severe shortage of manpower. So don’t miss this golden opportunity. In the following, we examine the most important jobs in this branch:

– Doctor with a monthly salary of 3000 to 7000 euros

– Pharmacist with a monthly salary of 1,570 to 5,781 euros

– Pharmacy technician with a monthly salary of 3076 to 4125 euros

Engineering jobs in Germany

The country of Germany is the heart of the world’s industry and it takes the first word in terms of progress in this field. Also, expertise in fields and engineering work in factories in the field of the quality of machines, electronic products and any other industrial job has increased the labor recruitment rate.

Therefore, the most important jobs of this branch are:

– Civil engineering with a monthly salary of 3,300 to 5,200 euros

-Electrical engineering with a monthly salary of 3,680 to 5,850 euros

-Industrial engineering with a monthly salary of 3,200 to 5,000 euros

Nursing and caregiver jobs in Germany

Of course, health is the first word in any country, but in Germany, due to its ideal living conditions and large population, collective health, especially the elderly, is very important for this country. Therefore, every year, it thinks about promoting and increasing its health and health professionals. With the aging of the population and the decrease in the number of young people, Germany is thinking about attracting labor in this field.

Hospitals, nursing homes, and other care facilities are always looking for nursing personnel with various levels of experience to meet the ever-increasing demand in the healthcare and nursing professions. It is expected that this demand will increase in the following years.

The most important jobs in this branch:

Nurse with a monthly salary of 2,500 to 4,700 euros

Nursing assistant with a monthly salary of 1800 to 2600 euros

IT jobs in Germany

Specialists in this field have a high chance to immigrate, because since 2021, more than 86,000 job positions in the IT sector are vacant, so it is a golden opportunity to flourish your creativity and career. So you can hope to be present in small and medium companies to international companies.

Occupations of this profession:

– Software developer with a monthly salary of 3,744 to 6,667 euros

– Software analyst with a monthly salary of 3542 to 5667 euros

Security and information expert with a monthly salary of 4,219 to 7,156 euros

– Data science expert with a monthly salary of 1950 to 8038 euros

Advertising and marketing jobs in Germany

Advertising and marketing is growing at an unprecedented rate not only in Germany but all over the world. Of course, the need for this profession in Germany is increasing day by day, and the noteworthy point is that the salaries and benefits of these jobs in Germany are higher than in other countries.

Occupations of this profession:

– Account administrator and manager with a monthly salary of 4375 to 8125 euros

– Digital marketing manager with a monthly salary of 3271 to 5993 euros

– Marketing manager with a monthly salary of 3,999 to 7,150 euros

– Content manager with a monthly salary of 2,667 to 7,150 euros

– SEO manager with a monthly salary of 3,663 to 7,150 euros

– Sales representative with a monthly salary of 2,113 to 5,594 euros

– Product manager with a monthly salary of 3,750 to 7,150 euros

Germany needs more than 400,000 workers annually to compensate for the labor shortage! This means increasing the acceptance of foreign experts to continue the economic growth and development of Germany. The interesting thing is that in addition to specialists with a German Osbildung visa, non-specialists also have the possibility of paid internships. Contact us for consultation for Ausbildung course.

Other in-demand and high-paying jobs to work in Germany

  • Mechanical and automotive engineering
  • Metal and welding engineering
  • Computer science
  • Information technology consulting
  • Technical research and development
  • Technical construction design and model making
  • Software development and programming
  • Mechatronics, energy and electronics engineer
  • bank employee
  • Air traffic identification specialist

Average annual salary for working in Germany

According to the latest research, the average annual salary in Germany is approximately 58,800 euros, which comes to about 70,754 euros per year if annual bonuses are added to this amount. Compared to other European countries, Germany has the highest monthly net salary, which in 2020 was around 2439 euros per month. The minimum wage law is strictly observed in Germany. Considering the list of required jobs in Germany, the minimum wage received in 2022 in this country is 9.82 euros per hour.

For more information, contact our colleagues at Andisheh Immigration Institute.

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