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One of the fastest ways to get residency and immigration is immigration through investment. Many people are looking for the fastest way to get European residency to immigrate and get European residency. The fastest methods of obtaining residence that are based on investment are done in Europe within 6 to 7 months. A method that requires significant capital is buying property. But there is another method, which will require much less capital and will also get one settled very quickly. This is the innovative way of Portugal. The innovation method in Portugal is the method by which you put your business plan or business plan in your head into action and speak in the form of a new idea to create a new job and plan, and you also register your company and the initial capital in the company account. you register If you use this way, the initial visa will be issued within one to two months and you will also be allowed to work. After 4 to 5 months and completing other work steps, your residence card will be issued. In fact, in this way, if your documents are complete, the entire process will take only 4 to 6 months. Portugal’s innovation method has many advantages, including the ability to bring your family with you, you and your partner also have work permits, and you also have access to various European markets. In general, quick migration through investment has different methods, which we will mention below.

Different investment methods

  • self support
  • Company registration
  • Buying property

Among the important methods for migrating to Europe through investment, as well as capitalism, these options can be mentioned. Acquiring residency through each of these methods has special conditions that by observing those conditions, a person can obtain residency in the desired country in addition to investing. One of the most reliable ways to obtain residency through investment is buying property, which can be one of the fastest ways to immigrate to Europe. This method is the best and least risky way to transfer capital from Iran to Europe. Because you can rent your property and receive interest, and you can cash out your money by selling the property whenever you want. In addition, there are companies in Europe that guarantee your money with the principal, and you can safely get residency by buying a property in Europe, in addition to transferring your capital to Europe. A person can obtain European residence in a short period of time by purchasing a property for a specified amount.

Investment through property purchase

One of the safe and investment methods for immigration is buying a property. The most reliable way to obtain European residency for all applicants is this method. People who want to bring their money to Europe without reducing their capital, buying a property is the best option for them. . Buying a property is possible in most countries, but buying a property in any country cannot lead to residency. The countries that provide residence through the property purchase method include Portugal, Spain, Greece and Turkey. In each of these countries, a certain amount of money must be considered for the purchase of property, and the length of the process is different in each country. Buying a property is one of the fastest ways to obtain residence through investment, according to the process of investing in this method. It is worth mentioning that investing through the purchase of property in Portugal is one of the fastest ways to obtain residency in Europe, and one can purchase a property with the desired amount that has been determined and then obtain residency in Portugal.

Investment through company registration

Before starting a business, you must have an environment to operate, so the first step to create your own business is to create and register a company. In most countries, company registration does not lead to residency, but it can be a goal for those who want to make a profit in Europe. be suitable If a person has a strong business plan and contributes economically to the prosperity of the destination country, this investment can lead to residency. Of course, it must be said that the company registration method is not a fast method and a lot of time is needed for this process.

Investment through self-support

In self-supporting methods, one does not invest a lot of capital in the destination country, which can be one of the advantages of this method. The time-consuming process and not having a work permit in some countries can be one of the disadvantages of self-support. The method of buying property is one of the fastest methods of immigrating to Europe. By buying property, a person can gain profit in addition to preserving his capital, considering that the capital is invested in the property, it has a low risk. In this method, the person will be allowed to work and this method can lead to residence and passport.

Immigrating to Europe through investment can lead to residency and citizenship. In any of the mentioned methods, if a person resides in that country for a certain period of time, he can obtain the residence of his destination country and then, if he has the necessary conditions, obtain the citizenship of that country.

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