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Staying in France through the purchase of property is a legal and advanced method of immigration and investment. From the past to the present, France is one of the most popular countries among Iranians, and the number of immigrants who travel to this country annually is more than other European countries only because The comfort and peace of living in this dream country of obtaining permanent residence in France by buying a property is a very important issue due to the many laws that exist in France, and therefore it is suggested to consult an experienced immigration lawyer. And we will introduce the laws of this country.

Conditions for obtaining French residence through the purchase of property

It is possible to obtain a French passport in six ways, these six main ways include marriage, birth, asylum, work, education and investment. Buying property is one of the methods of immigration through investment. As a foreigner, you are allowed to buy property in France. Of course, this property purchase does not lead to permanent residence in France for you. If you are looking to buy a property in France, it is suggested to first use the French self-support method and obtain French residency. Once you get residence in France through this method, you can buy property in this country. Another suggested method is to obtain French residence and immigrate to this country through studying in France.

In general, by obtaining permanent residence in European countries, free education is provided for children. The method of buying property in France does not lead to obtaining permanent residence.

Conditions for buying property in France

Foreign nationals who are not French can buy property and invest in this country without having a residence. Therefore, in order to obtain French residence through the purchase of property, it is necessary to find qualified people. Therefore, you can enter France by obtaining a tourist visa and the process of buying property directly. do it and visit the properties you want. To obtain a tourist visa, you must present a lease or hotel reservation document. According to the law, if the applicant proves that he is the owner of a property, there is no need to present a lease or hotel reservation. France must have reached the legal age of 18. There is no limit in terms of property value. Of course, according to the location of the property, real estate in France varies from around 100,000 euros to 350,000 euros.

Advantages of buying property in France

France is one of the tourist countries and has its own fans due to its tourist attractions. It is true that the applicants do not directly obtain residence in France by purchasing a property, but they can obtain residence by using other residence routes such as registering a company in the property they have purchased. Certainly, living and buying real estate in this advanced and industrialized country of France brings many advantages for applicants, and benefiting from the advantages of the Schengen visa can be named as one of the best advantages of buying real estate in France. Below are some of the advantages of buying a house in France and staying in this country. Permission to register a company in France, not being present in France, the possibility of renting property and earning income, no need to have a history of traveling to France, the possibility of receiving a bank loan in case of registering a company in France, no effect of the applicant’s rejection history in the case process, obtaining a certificate between International driving and the possibility of free medical insurance services in France.

House prices in some French cities


Due to its short distance from Paris, prosperous economic activities can be found in this city. In general, the Strasbourg real estate market continues to grow, even if there are price differences between regions. House prices in Strasbourg, France average only 2,390 euros per square meter. Buyers should pay approximately €3,730 per square meter for an apartment and €2,980 per square meter for a house.


The selling price of buying a house in Nice, France per square meter this year has reached 4,557 euros per square meter. This index registered a growth of 6.4% in 12 months and 2.7% in the last quarter. This feature is the attractiveness of Nice real estate market.


The price of houses in this city has increased significantly as a result of the economic boom in this city. The total price per square meter of an apartment in Lyon is 4,983 euros and the price of a house per square meter is 5,955 euros.

Residence in France through the purchase of property, as well as the process of purchasing property in this country, is considered a complex legal process. According to the points and cases mentioned in the above sections, every year many people are looking to buy property in France. The lack of familiarity of these people with the laws in France provides the basis for the abuse of many people seeking profit. Therefore, it is always recommended to act through an experienced lawyer who is familiar with the process of buying and selling real estate in France as well as the immigration process. Buying a property in France for foreigners is also eligible for a loan if the property in question does not have any legal problems. Therefore, it is recommended to check the authenticity of the documents provided and also the government payments of the property in question through a lawyer familiar with the aforementioned laws so that you do not face any problems in this process.