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Those interested in investing in Hungary need to know the details of immigration and regulations of this country before taking action, so the legal procedures of buying property in Hungary and staying by buying property in Hungary will be examined in this article.

The country of Hungary accepts many applicants every year, also people are attracted to the country because of the climate and the warm-hearted people of Hungary and wonderful places.

The main conditions for immigrating to Hungary through the purchase of property

The country of Hungary is located in the neighborhood of the countries of Romania, Austria, Slovakia, Serbia and Ukraine in Eastern Europe. The currency of Hungary is the forint and the official language of the people of this country is Hungarian. Hungary is a member of the European Union, NATO and the Schengen area, so it has a high social level, so if a person has a visa or residence in Hungary, he can travel to the countries of the Schengen area without the need to obtain a visa. This advantage, along with the good climate, good living costs, prestigious universities and relatively high security, has made many people apply to immigrate to this country.

One of the ways to obtain residency in this country is to invest by buying property in Hungarian cities, since the percentage of students in Hungary is high and the number of people who come to this country for study or citizenship is increasing every year. Buying property and renting it to students and tourists will definitely earn you a lot of profit.

Obtaining Hungarian residence through the purchase of property

One of the ways to immigrate and stay in Hungary is to buy property and invest in this country, which is possible for all foreign applicants. You can travel to all European Union countries with only a temporary residence in Hungary, so it is possible to buy property for you. It is worth mentioning that after eight years of residence in Hungary, you can legally apply for Hungarian citizenship and passport and obtain your passport. travel Also, as soon as you enter 35 countries, a visa will be issued to you. In general, buying a property is one of the most popular ways to stay in Hungary. Considering the growth of property prices in Hungary, buying a property in this country can bring benefits for you in addition to obtaining residence. In addition, due to the fact that Hungary is one of the tourist destinations in Europe, you can compensate part of the costs of buying a property in this country by renting your property to tourists.

Qualified to immigrate to Hungary through the purchase of property

People who are not part of the EU countries are not able to buy property in Hungary unless they have the residence of this country, but there is no obstacle for people who are in European countries. One of the ways to buy property in Hungary is that the applicant first Register a company in Hungary. Therefore, it is possible to immigrate to Hungary through entrepreneurship and obtaining a Hungarian investment visa.

Although it is not possible for Iranians to immigrate to Hungary through the purchase of property directly, one of the suggested methods is for the applicant to register a company whose jurisdiction is in the field of renting apartments in Hungary. After that, if the company’s business plan is approved and the applicant’s request is approved, he can receive Hungarian residency and buy property in this country.

Legal procedures for immigrating to Hungary through property purchase

As mentioned, Iranians cannot directly buy a Mac in Hungary, so they must have gone through the legal procedures in order, as we said, they must have registered in a company in this country, which requires opening a Hungarian bank account and having a Dynamic economic plan You can apply for a Hungarian investment visa through entrepreneurship by presenting a business plan in the field of renting and buying and selling property. According to this economic plan, the company’s income will be through real estate rental. Of course, this is one of the proposed economic plans and you can have economic activity in Hungary in any field you want and register your company.

The approval of the economic plan by the country of Hungary is very important, and if it is not accepted, the process of registering the company in Hungary will not be possible. You can get help from experts in this field to write an economic plan. Although this will cost you money, it can significantly reduce the risk of rejection of the economic plan.