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Are you looking for a peaceful and carefree life in the most peaceful countries in the world? Do you want to choose the safest method for immigration with your family and at the lowest cost?

Surely, like many people, you like living in Portugal with high standards?

which is the most reliable and easiest way to get to the European country (D7), so stay with us for support regarding your visa
Portugal, which is a pleasant destination for immigrants, let’s get more information

Today, due to the existing living conditions in countries outside the European Union, as well as the rising level of people’s expectations of living standards, a huge flood of people are thinking of immigrating to European countries so that they can guarantee their future and that of their children. One of the best destinations among European countries is Portugal, which receives a significant number of immigrants every year, and due to its favorable economic, political, welfare, geographical and social conditions, it is always among the top countries for immigrants.

So, in the following, we are trying to introduce you to one of the best ways to immigrate to Portugal, which is obtaining a D7 visa, so that we can help you take a step for your future and that of your family.

About Portugal

Portugal is a country located in the southwest of Europe and is located in the neighborhood of Spain and also in the vicinity of the Atlantic Ocean. Its population is about 10.5 million people and the official language of this country is Portuguese, its official religion is Christianity.

The capital of Portugal is the city of Lisbon, and this country has two metropolitan areas, one of which is Lisbon in the south and Porto in the north of this country.

This country, which is the westernmost country of mainland Europe, is considered one of the beautiful, calm and developed countries, whose currency is Euro.

Peace and quiet is one of the characteristics of this beautiful and pleasant country.

Types of immigration methods to Portugal

Portugal is one of the most successful countries in attracting foreign immigrants, especially people who want investment and self-support visas.

Therefore, it is better to say that according to the conditions and motivation of people, the Portuguese government offers qualified people various types of visas, which are actually divided into D) long-term (type C) Duration of stay) is divided into two categories of short-term visas as follows:

What is the D7 or Portugal visa?

Portugal D7 or Portugal Financial Affordability allows a person to be present in this country if they have sufficient funds to cover the costs of the visa and living expenses during the stay. That is, you can enjoy the benefits of living in Portugal only by showing your ability to pay for it.

This is a self-supporting visa that is an excellent and smart option for families and individuals seeking to reside in the European Union and live and work in Portugal. This visa is for retirees, homeowners who earn good income by renting out properties, for those who earn good profits from their bank deposits, for those who receive regular and appropriate profits from their shares in private equity companies, and for all It is suitable for those who have income in Iran other than their job and want to stay in a European country with unique features based on that.

Benefits of obtaining a financial resource visa

Documents required for Portugal D7 visa

Documents proving the eligibility of the person to apply for residence in Portugal based on one of these reasons:

The conditions for obtaining a D7 financial visa for Portugal in 2022

It can be said that one of the few conditions for obtaining this visa is to have a passive income, and the good news is that you do not need a language certificate, university degrees, etc., and even if you have no work experience, don’t worry!

It should be noted that you will not need insurance records in Iran. In special cases, only the ability to cover living expenses or financial resources is the main condition.

Who is eligible for Portugal D7 visa?

This type of visa is one of the easiest ways to immigrate, because it does not have any restrictions for citizens of any country, especially citizens outside the European Union and many citizens of the European Economic Area, etc., and people can easily live in this country. .

If we want to describe the conditions for obtaining a Portuguese visa, it will be as follows:

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Procedures for obtaining a Portuguese visa

First step: opening a bank account and renting a house in Portugal

The applicant must take actions such as submitting a visa application, opening a bank account in Portugal and obtaining a D7 visa at this stage to obtain a visa card; Then, according to the financial capacity, a long-term house can be bought or rented, and finally, before visiting the embassy in person, the applicant must complete and upload the interview and visa application online.

tip: The minimum amount of income in Portugal must be deposited into the applicant’s account in this country.

Amounts required to be transferred to a person’s bank account in Portugal based on the number of people:

Second step: apply for a visa by visiting the Portuguese embassy

The terms and conditions of each consulate are different, but in general, at this stage, the applicant is required to submit documents such as:

Third stage: This stage is your final step to obtain and stay in this country for a maximum of 4 months

Therefore, within this 4-month period, you should go to the Immigration and Border Services Department of Portugal with the following documents (SEF) in hand and apply for a 2-year residence permit:

Portugal D7 visa validity period

Recently, the validity period of this visa has been changed from one year to 2 years. After the end of these two years, as long as you are still eligible for the D7 Portugal visa, you will be able to extend the validity for 3 years and also after five years you will be able to obtain permanent residence in Portugal.

You can extend SEF through D7 visa in Portugal.

final word

The self-supporting visa or D7, which is the financial opportunity of Portugal, has unique and amazing benefits that are able to attract the opinion of many people. You can contact our friendly and helpful consultants and lawyers to find out whether you are eligible for a self-supporting visa or not.

You can increase your chances of filing a successful immigration application with us and save your time, energy and money.