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Location Spain With its warm-blooded people, it has made living and staying in this European country very easy and pleasant. The special and beautiful architecture of luxury buildings and villas and affordable costs have paved the way for dear applicants to buy property in this country. . Spain is one of the few European countries that directly offers residence permits to property buyers with special conditions in this country who reside outside of the European Union through the provision of a golden visa. Among all the similar countries in Europe and for the past ten years, Spain has been the most famous and popular destination for Iranians in this field. The attractive weather, the beautiful language and the calm spirit of the Spaniards have contributed to this success. However, there is another way to obtain Spanish residency, such as registering a company and obtaining residency in Spain

Before buying a property in this country, it is better to do extensive research on the real estate market of this country in order to start your investment in Spain in the best way.

It has been a while since the housing market in Spain has been booming and it has led to the fall of the property in the past years, during which the housing price has decreased by thirty percent and has been forgotten, but since 2016, it has gone through its positive trend, hence the fans of buying The property in Spain is increasing day by day and those interested in investing in this country from other parts of the world are buying the properties they need from France, Germany, England, Sweden and most of all.

The advantage of buying property in Spain

Have you ever asked yourself why you should buy a property in Spain? Buying a property in Spain has many advantages, including:

  • Having the right to reside and live in all Spanish cities
  • The possibility of traveling without restrictions to all Schengen countries
  • The possibility of receiving accommodation for all family members
  • No need to work or start a business in Spain
  • The possibility of obtaining temporary residence and then permanent residence in Europe
  • The possibility of free education for children in Spain
  • Immediately after staying in Spain
  • Exemption from paying annual tax in case of not setting up a business
  • The possibility of opening an account in European banks
  • The possibility of obtaining permanent residence for two years at first and then for two five-year periods
  • The possibility of obtaining Spanish citizenship after a period of 10 years of uninterrupted legal residence in this country.

The important point is the conditions of this type of residence, and if it is not followed, you will face problems in buying property and obtaining residence, the most important of which are:

  • Not having a bad background
  • Having health insurance
  • Proof of financial ability
  • Get economic code
  • Providing property documents with minimum approved cost

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In general, the Spain visa program offers several investment options, but real estate investment is always the most popular and important option among investors around the world. First, because the investment amount is very low and affordable, while other available options require an investment of over one million euros. Second, the forecasts related to the Spanish real estate market indicate an increase in prices. Savvy investors are buying Spanish properties at low prices in order to make a significant profit by selling them in the future. To qualify for this program, the amount of real estate investment is tax-exclusive. For properties that are worth more than the original amount, he can get a loan for half the price. Until 2018, the process of buying property in Spain was easily possible for Iranians. In the last two years, however, this process more or less stopped with the refusal of Spanish banks to open accounts for Iranians. But fortunately, with the interaction we established with one of the Spanish banks, this process was resumed at the beginning of 2020.

Also, you can earn income from buying property in Spain. By choosing the right city and neighborhood to buy your property, you will face the growth of property prices that Spain faces every year. This price increase ranges from 5% to 60% based on different cities. In addition, some owners prefer to rent out their property. By being smart in this regard, it is possible to obtain up to 8% of the property amount in each period of one year through the provision of rent.

To buy a property in Spain, try to use a lawyer who has sufficient knowledge of English and Spanish and the legal terms of this field, because the seller of the property may not have the necessary familiarity and proficiency in English.

Be sure to visit the property in person and don’t just look at the internet photos of the property because many people are deceived in this way every year. It is also possible that the property is not equipped with water and electricity or there are other problems in the property that are not clear in the photos. Know the real owner of the property and deal with her/him. If the owner of the building is not there, make sure that his/him power of attorney is legal and then proceed to buy the property in Spain.