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The conditions of immigration and obtaining Spanish work visas for Iranians in 2022 is another topic that we discuss. First of all, you need to get to know this country and how to immigrate to Spain through a work visa.

Why immigrate to Spain?

You may be wondering why we should immigrate to Spain? What are the conditions for obtaining a work visa for Spain? What are the benefits of moving to Spain? To know the answers to these questions, it is better to first familiarize yourself with Spain and the conditions of life there. Spain is an independent country in the Iberian Peninsula located in Western Europe and a member of the European Union. The capital of this country is called Madrid. The official language of this country is Spanish and the currency of this country is Euro.

The population of Spain is about 47 million people, this country is the sixth most populous country in Europe and 80% of the people of this country live in cities. In terms of climate, this country has a moderate climate and the central and southern parts of this country have a Mediterranean climate. As a result, its very good weather has made many people think of immigrating to Spain. The life expectancy in this country ranks high, the people of this country are very happy, and the average life expectancy is up to 82 years, and in terms of quality of life, it is among the top ten countries in the world. So that experts can immigrate to this country through Spain work visa.

Obtaining a Spanish work visa

If you are outside the European Union, you first need to receive a job offer from a Spanish employer. The lack of skilled workers in some job positions in this country has created a good opportunity for immigrants. You only need to get an employer’s opinion to close. Note that there are some points that can help you, for example, the average education in Spain is low, and you can be a better choice for employers with a high education and fluency in English.

An important point to mention regarding the employer is that not every employer can offer you a job, only employers or companies can offer you that have already applied to the Spanish Immigration Office to hire foreign workers and are in a good economic position. that they can offer a job to a person who is not ethnic.

There are rules for hiring workers from outside the European Union. After passing this stage, you can be hired. First of all, the employer must announce the required job position for three months in Spain and three months in the European Union. can invite people from outside the European Union to cooperate and after receiving a job offer and approval from the embassy, you can stay in Spain with a work visa for 3 to 6 months and extend it after the visa expires.

Documents required to obtain a Spain work visa

-Providing identification documents (passport valid for two years, original birth certificate with translation)

– Submission of a job offer letter

– Completing the visa application form

– Four pieces of photos with a white background

– Letter of financial ability


– Letter of no bad background

– Certificate of Spanish language

Financial registration number (NIE or CIF) – social security registration number from the employer

List of required jobs in Spain

Jobs that can increase your chances of getting a Spain work visa are jobs such as tourism, IT, accounting, university teaching, English language teaching, medicine and nursing, media, real estate, hospitality, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and relations. It is commercial, which is one of the occupations that have a shortage of labor. Of course, it should be noted that the unemployment rate in Spain is high, but the lack of skilled and specialized workers and the low university education of the people of this country has caused that Portugal has always been one of the skilled workers. The foreigner is invited to cooperate.

Salaries in Spain

Before applying for a work visa in Spain, it is better to know the salary of different jobs in this country. which is summarized as follows:

Doctor: 11,900 euros

hotel manager: 7,230 euros

computer technician: 4,020 euros

mechanical engineer: 2,830 euros

electrical engineer: 5,200 euros

Human Resources Manager: 7,030 euros

programmer: 4,580 euros

Employment centers in Spain

Job search in Spain is done in two ways: either the applicant travels to Spain and looks for work in person; Either online through correspondence with the desired companies or through employment agencies and after being approved by the employer and passing an interview and getting a work contract, he can apply for a visa. You can refer to the following sites from the reliable sites for employment in Spain.

Obtaining permanent residence and Spanish citizenship

After finding a suitable job position and signing a contract with the employer and obtaining a one-year work visa, if the Spanish work visa is extended to 5 years, at the end of the fifth year, the applicant can apply to the Spanish immigration office to obtain permanent residence.

If the applicant has resided in this country for 10 years, he can apply for Spanish citizenship if he learns the language and has no bad history.

tip: Spain does not accept people with dual citizenship, and if an Iranian person wants to obtain Spanish citizenship, after receiving his Spanish citizenship, he must cancel his Iranian or previous citizenship.

Benefits of getting a Spain work visa

One of the most important benefits of obtaining a work visa for Spain is obtaining permanent residence in this country after 5 years and obtaining Spanish citizenship after 10 years.

Obtaining visa and residence for spouse and children under 18 years old.

-High health and treatment facilities in terms of the life expectancy index of this country in the second place in the world and in the first place in the European Union.

Spain has always been an immigrant-friendly country, and Muslims have formed the majority of this country, and racism is less visible in this country than in other European countries.

Cost of living in Spain

Before applying for a work visa in Spain, it is better to know the cost of living in this country, which is as follows:

Meal, restaurant (cheap price): 11.00

Meal for 2 people, restaurant (medium) with appetizer, main course, dessert: 40.00

Cost of food in Spain

Eggs (12): 1.88 €

Milk (1 liter): 0.78 €

White rice (1 kg): 1.01 €

Chicken breast (1 kg): 6.00 €

Beef (1 kg): 10.40 €

Potatoes (1 kg): 1.15 €

Tomatoes (1 kg): 1.63 €

Shipping costs in Spain

Paying attention to transportation costs is one of the most important issues that must be considered before applying for a Spanish work visa.

A one-way ticket: 1.45 €

Monthly ticket: 40.00 €

Taxi every 1 km: 1.06 €

Gasoline (1 liter): 1.28 €

The cost of renting a house in Spain

One bedroom apartment in the city center: 643.17 €

One bedroom apartment outside the center: 494.41 €

The price of buying a house in Spain

The price per square meter for buying an apartment in the city center: 2,958.53 €

The price per square meter for buying an apartment outside the center: 1,963.59 €

Disadvantages of Spain

income and expenses

In Spain, although the prices are cheaper compared to other countries, the salaries are also lower and the middle class of the society can face financial problems.

Discrimination and racism

Although the people of Spain are very warm-hearted and kind, but in the current job market where the unemployment rate is very high in this country, the people of this country are against the filling of job positions in their country with foreigners.

Low education

If education and academic level are important to you and your family, according to the reported statistics, only 50% of Spanish people have received their diploma. However, Spain has very good educational centers.

Advantages of living in Spain

First of all, it is better to check the benefits of living in Spain and have enough information in this field before applying for a Spanish work visa. In summary, the benefits of living in this country are as follows:

Reasonable house rental costs

The cost of renting houses in Spain is much lower than in other European countries, so that the monthly rent is about 200 euros less than in countries like Germany and France.

Universality of the transportation system

The cost of using the public transportation system of this country is reasonable and economical, and easy access to public vehicles and the high speed of subways are considered as advantages of this country.

Government medical services

After obtaining your residency and citizenship, you can use the free medical services of this country.

Entrepreneurship by women

Recorded statistics show that now 40% of Spanish entrepreneurs are women. This figure reflects the growth of women’s entrepreneurship and their interest in immigrating to Spain.

What to do to get a Spanish work visa?

Andisheh Immigration Institute is with you, dear ones, to help you get a Spain work visa. To get advice and to know about work visa conditions, you can make an appointment through the website and wait for our consultants to call. Our colleagues will contact you as soon as possible.

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