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Studying in Hungary is usually possible in English in all academic levels and fields. Hungarian universities are among the top universities in the world. The Hungarian education system is compulsory and free for all people up to the secondary level. After finishing high school and obtaining a diploma, a student can request to enter the university. One of the positive and interesting points about the university is that a person can apply for admission to 9 universities in the desired field at the same time.

The stages of education in Hungary

The stages of education in this country are:

primary school

Hungarian primary education starts at the age of 6 and lasts for 4 years. Professors use various trainings in teaching for students. In addition to teaching the main courses, students also learn a second language such as French or German.

At the elementary level, music and art, mathematics, geography and literature are taught in the Hungarian educational system. In the schools of this country, at the elementary level, education is conducted in English and the final exam results of each semester are from 1 to 5.

high school

After completing the primary course, the secondary stage begins, which lasts 4 to 6 years. All the courses are taught in a specialized way and after the completion of this course, the exam is done from all the courses. After passing and obtaining a diploma in this level, the student can prepare to enter the university. Candidates choose a field from public or private universities according to their conditions and personal interest and continue their studies.

How to enter Hungarian universities

The next step to immigrate to Hungary and enter universities in this country is to take the entrance exam. People who did not get a passing grade in the national entrance exam of their country and are not European students can also participate in this exam.

The interesting thing about entering and being accepted in Hungarian universities is that it is very easy to enter the university. In some universities, after choosing a medical field, the student is asked to take a test from the prerequisite courses, the rest of the fields are taken without an entrance exam.

Higher education in Hungary

People who have obtained a Hungarian diploma under the age of 20 can enroll in Hungarian universities. In this country, private universities cost several times more than public universities. Hungarian universities are fully equipped and there are a number of faculties in them. It should be noted that most of the university staff have doctorate degrees.

Studying in Hungary and checking its conditions

Things such as studying immigration to Hungary, obtaining study visas in Hungary, tuition fees, scholarships, introducing top universities, studying in high school, bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, as well as studying without a language certificate are all among the things that are discussed in this article. are discussed. In the following, we describe the general conditions and life in this country.

General conditions of study migration to Hungary

The capital of Hungary is Budapest and this country is located in the center of the European continent. Hungary’s neighboring countries are Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia and Austria. Education in Hungary includes elementary, high school and university. The university level includes three levels of study: bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate. One of the positive points of studying in Hungarian universities is that you can work as a student for 20 hours a week in addition to studying. It is also possible to study in this country in English and German. You can apply for permanent residence when you start working after studying with a Hungarian work visa.

Studying in Hungary at the elementary school level

The Hungarian education system is named at the first grade of elementary school and includes the age group of 7 and 14 years. Accompanying visas are not issued for studying in this course, and accompanying visas are granted only to postgraduate level students and above.

Studying in Hungary in high school

Accompanying visa is not issued in all cases for the high school level, unless in a special situation you have the approval of the Hungarian Immigration Department. At this level, students need a legal guardian who can be a resident of Hungary. If the student does not have a legal guardian in this country, he must attend boarding schools.

Studying in Hungary at the bachelor’s level

Due to the high quality of Hungarian universities and the very appropriate equipment in this country, as well as the low cost of living, this country is the choice of many students for studying, working and living.

The most important thing to note about studying for a bachelor’s degree in Hungary:

The World Health Organization accepts scientific degrees from Hungarian universities, and the important and noteworthy point is that studying at the bachelor’s level in Hungary does not require a language degree, and the student learns German or English depending on the field of study. One of the most popular fields of study in this country is paramedicine and medicine. After completing paramedical courses, applicants can participate in the entrance examination of universities in Hungary or other countries such as Germany, America, England, Austria.

Studying in Hungary at the graduate level

In the universities of this country, the postgraduate level is 1-2 years. A valid bachelor’s degree is required. A graduate student does not need to have a language degree.

Studying in Hungary at the doctoral level

A student in the doctoral level can receive a doctorate degree after spending 3 to 5 years, and to enter this level, he must have a valid master’s degree. In addition, his degree related to the field of study must be at the doctoral level. It is also possible to learn the language during your studies at the university where you are studying.

Scholarship in Hungary

In general, education in this country is not free. It should be noted that the costs of education and living expenses in Hungary are lower compared to EU member countries, and for this reason, most people apply for education in this country. It is difficult to get scholarships in lower education levels, and most scholarships are issued in doctoral levels.

The general situation of receiving scholarships in Hungary

Scholarships for undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees in prominent Hungarian universities and finally obtaining a study visa are considered by most students.

The demand for scholarships in Hungary at the master’s level for international students is very high. But it is better to say that at the master’s level, there is little chance of getting a scholarship. If you don’t have an academic certificate, you need to submit a bachelor’s degree with high grades, an English language certificate (IELTS 5/6 academic) and a strong academic background to get a scholarship.

Applying for a PhD scholarship

The documents required to receive a scholarship at the doctoral level are as follows:

All previous education degrees with high grades, strong resume, valid introduction letter from experienced and accredited professors at the undergraduate and graduate level, world-class education and LSL essay research are required. In the Hungarian Doctoral Scholarship, apart from being exempted from tuition fees, individuals also receive a monthly allowance of four hundred and fifty euros.

Scholarship counseling in Hungary

We have thoroughly reviewed all the conditions for receiving a scholarship in Hungary. Education costs in Hungary are much lower than in the first tier European countries. It should be noted that scholarships are not available for all educational levels.

Obtaining a scholarship for an undergraduate degree at the international level is a difficult task, especially for Iranian students. At the doctoral level, it is possible to receive a scholarship according to some conditions. Among the disadvantages of studying in this country, we can point out the lack of accompanying visas at the same time for all levels of education. In general, if you decide to immigrate to Hungary through education, consider this country as a launching pad to other countries.

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