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Studying in Sweden is one of the ways you can immigrate to a European country. Andisheh Immigration Institute as the most complete reference, by having consultants and experts in the field of educational immigration, how to obtain admission, study visa, immigration through education and scholarship 333 in Swedish universities, we will help you to make a better choice in Have this context.

There is not much class conflict in Sweden and this country is known for social justice. The official language of this country is Swedish and its capital is Stockholm. The currency of this country is the Swedish Krona. In general, Sweden is an advanced country with a high level of social welfare. One of the easiest ways to stay in Sweden is to study there.

Location of Sweden

Sweden is the fourth largest country in Europe and a member of the European Union. Swedes are one of the most peaceful people in the world, where the crime rate is very low, so it can be said that it is in the category of safe countries in the world. Swedish people are one of the most prosperous people, most of them are Christians. Government clinics are free and open to the public.

Stockholm is a luxurious and beautiful city built on fourteen islands connected by bridges. This city was recognized as the green capital of Europe due to the use of non-polluting vehicles and clean environment. Studying in Sweden is free for European students and facilities are considered for non-European students. The most regular and advanced public transport system in Europe belongs to this country. In terms of weather conditions, it is cold and mountainous.

Studying in Swedish schools

Most of the Swedish schools are under the supervision of the municipality of this country, and students go through compulsory education from the age of 7 to 16. Schools are divided into two categories, government and non-government. Teaching in public schools is in Swedish, so it is recommended for immigrants who do not speak Swedish to choose international or non-public schools that include tuition fees. Teaching lessons in international schools is in English.

There are two types of educational institutions in Sweden, one is a university and the other is a university college, but it can be said that there is almost no difference between a university and a university college.

Currently, this country has 38 universities and academic colleges. After completing their studies in Sweden, students can get permanent residence in Sweden after working for 4 years.

Undergraduate tuition fees in Sweden

If we want to summarize the costs of living in Sweden, the costs are different and completely depend on the type of field chosen and the size of the city of study. For example, living in some big cities is expensive, or some universities have higher tuition due to the high ranking of the university. Individual lifestyle is also one of the criteria that can determine the costs of undergraduate studies. For example, to take a 6-month language course in Sweden, you should consider about 4500 to 4600 euros. Approximately, the costs of studying at the bachelor’s and master’s level in different fields are estimated between 5000 and 6500 euros per semester.

Approximately, the costs of studying at the bachelor’s and master’s level in different fields are estimated between 5000 and 6500 euros per semester.

The cost of studying engineering in Sweden is expected to be up to 15,000 euros per year, depending on the university and the field of study. The approximate costs of studying medicine in Sweden are between 25,000 and 3,000 euros per year. In addition to studying, the student has a work permit for 40 hours a week, which can cover some of the living and education expenses.

Documents required for Sweden study visa

To obtain a Swedish study visa, you must prepare the following documents in two original copies and a photocopy of the original. To apply online, all necessary documents must be uploaded, and their size should not exceed 2 MB.

Required documents to study in Sweden:

  • Valid passport with at least 6 months validity
  • University acceptance letter
  • If you have been staying in Sweden for less than a year, you must have insurance documents.
  • Payment of at least 2 semesters of tuition fee in one lump sum
  • Providing proof of financial ability
  • Written request and explanation of why you chose Sweden to study.
  • Latest valid educational qualification and work history

The fee for applying for a Swedish student visa is SEK 1,000 for adults and SEK 500 for people under 18 years of age.

The process of obtaining a Swedish student visa is usually three months, but it may take longer due to high demand.

Swedish study visa and accompanying visa

According to the existing laws in Sweden, students who have a study visa for more than 6 months are granted a visa to accompany their spouse and children under 18 years of age. The required documents for a companion visa are as follows:

  • Copy of the pages of the passport that contain your personal information
  • Copy of marriage certificate
  • Copy of the documents that prove that you lived together
  • A copy of the residence status of a person living in Sweden
  • Child’s birth certificate and birth certificate
  • 2 color photos included

Studying in Sweden, master’s degree

Swedish universities have high quality and very efficient educational programs for students. Internships are part-time and full-time in different educational levels. You can study in Sweden with a good academic resume and an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher. Presentation of courses in Swedish master’s courses is in English. One of the advantages of studying a master’s degree in Sweden is that you can work in Sweden during or after your studies.

The educational and educational system in Sweden is such that they encourage you with creative work and ideas so that you can discover your talents for a better future. It is interesting to know that the largest country in patents is Sweden. Because thousands of global patents are registered in Sweden every year, which shows the significant growth of knowledge.

You can also experience a group work in this country after completing your studies in Sweden, because doing creative and group work is very important in Sweden.

Sweden’s educational immigration for PhD

One of the conditions for studying in Sweden at the doctoral level is to have a degree in English. It is better to take the IELTS English test before you immigrate to have a better chance of being admitted to a Swedish university. To study in Sweden and obtain a study visa, you must have financial resources and provide documents to prove it. You should have estimated the cost of your stay and study for one year, you should consider about 8,190 kroner for each month of stay in Sweden, which is 98,280 kroner for one year.

Sweden’s educational system has favorable conditions for studying, these conditions have made many applicants immigrate to Sweden to study. We suggest that you immigrate to Sweden to study at the bachelor’s and master’s levels, then continue your studies at the doctoral level. Because Swedish universities have high rankings and this is very important.

Students who are studying for a doctorate in Sweden can apply for permanent residence for themselves and their family members only when they have been studying for a doctorate for 4 years.

Conditions for obtaining a Swedish scholarship

In the education system of Sweden, the education fee was free before 2011, after 2011, this education system has changed and education in Sweden has been associated with tuition fees.

In the past, many students immigrated to this country due to free education, but currently, one of the concerns of studying in Sweden is university tuition.

You can get a full scholarship to study in English language in this country. Of course, receiving a scholarship has faced many difficulties in recent years and it is not awarded to Iranians.


The questions that may arise for people in the field of educational immigration to Sweden and obtaining a study visa of this country are:

Is Sweden a good country to continue studying?

First, you need to see if your goal is to continue studying abroad or to get a permanent residence in Sweden. Every year, thousands of students immigrate to Sweden to continue their studies. This shows the superiority of this country for educational migration because studying in Sweden has high benefits and many applicants in Europe are willing to immigrate to this country. Sweden has a high level of educational and university quality, which has a global rating and is approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and International Technology.

What facilities can be used after obtaining Swedish residence?

After obtaining a permanent residence, students can get a work permit in Sweden and benefit from the same medical services as Swedish citizens for free.

How can you get permanent residency after completing your studies?

Obtaining a permanent residence in Sweden requires full-time employment in the labor market, which is possible after graduating from university.

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