Study migration to Denmark

Study migration to Denmark has many applicants, because it is possible to study in Denmark at the lowest cost. For this reason, we have prepared an article on this topic to explain all the conditions of studying in Denmark. Immigrating to Denmark through education, obtaining a scholarship to study in Denmark, reviewing the cost of living in Denmark, finding a job and work migration, immigration through investment are all ways that you can go to a beautiful and happy country. Immigrate to Denmark.

Conditions and position of Denmark

The language of this country is Danish; This beautiful country has a population of about 5.73 million people. The capital of this country is Copenhagen. The total number of immigrants is 476,000 people, which increases every day due to the good weather and favorable conditions for living. Country Denmark It has about 450 beautiful islands that are a suitable destination for tourism.

This cool country has no dry season and is mostly humid and rainy. Among its cities, Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Aalborg are among the largest cities in Denmark. In general, Denmark is a developed country and has a high level of social welfare. The Danish krone is the currency of Denmark.

Costs of study migration to Denmark

The cost of living and studying in Denmark is completely different and depends on your circumstances and choice. In which field you want to study or in which Danish city you want to live. Also, Danish universities have different requirements and their costs are different from each other.

As you know, if you want to study in the top field in a luxury city and the capital, you have to pay a higher fee than a student in a smaller and cheaper city. On average, it can be said that the cost of living in a cheap city in Denmark is 300 to 500 euros per month, which varies according to the size of the city where one lives and the type of individual life.

Danish language education is free in this country. If you are familiar with the Danish language and have obtained a Danish language certificate before immigrating, you can use the benefits of public education for your children. Average salary for a citizen is between 200 and 272 dollars per month.

One of the points that should be taken into account before moving to Denmark for study is the approximate cost of education and living expenses before moving to Denmark, because Denmark is an expensive country. Of course, in terms of expenses, it cannot be compared with Western European countries. For example, to rent a one-bedroom apartment outside the city, you have to pay 200 to 300 euros per month. The same conditions for renting inside the city are 350 to 450 euros per month.

If you decide to immigrate to Denmark, you must have one year’s education and living expenses in your account. These expenses for studying and living in Denmark are approximately 12,000 euros.

Study immigration rules to Denmark

If you are outside the EU, you have a difficult and difficult way to apply for a permanent residence visa to immigrate to this country. Of course, Denmark has various ways for immigrants to migrate easily. It should be noted that you have a valid passport, because you cannot stay in this country for more than 3 months without a visa.

If you decide to study in Denmark, you must have enough information about the conditions and rules of obtaining a Danish visa. To get more detailed information, you can contact our consultants at Andisheh Immigration Institute to learn about the existing rules for long stay in this country and obtaining Danish citizenship.

Documents required to immigrate to Denmark

  • Copy of birth certificate along with passport with 3 months validity
  • Property documents to prove financial ability
  • Travel insurance
  • Travel ticket
  • Having a consultant and a lawyer

Immigrate to Denmark through education

It is possible to immigrate to Denmark through education. You just need to consider the university fees and expenses before immigrating to Denmark. This issue is different from the choice of university and tuition costs vary from 6 to 16 euros. You must also provide the documents that were said to obtain a study visa and immigrate to Denmark.

Documents required for admission to a Danish university

  • Official acceptance letter from the desired university
  • Passport
  • Academic certificates and transcripts with translation
  • Proof of support or financial ability within one year
  • Providing a language certificate that depends on the chosen university

Undergraduate studies

The duration of undergraduate studies is 4 years and most of the courses are taught in Danish. Along with your studies, you are allowed to work 10 hours a week, where you can work somewhere to cover part of your expenses.

Students who have a high credit diploma can get admission in one of the prestigious Danish universities and immigrate to Denmark by presenting an IELTS English language certificate with a score of 6.

Now, if a student is fluent in Danish, he can use free public education.

Study migration to Denmark at the master’s level

Most of the demand for immigration to Denmark through education is at the master’s level because Danish universities are distinguished in terms of prestige and academic quality. Studying at this level is reasonable for people under 39 years of age and study in English. Denmark accepts students in the fields of agriculture, engineering, management and medicine.

The cost of studying at the master’s level is 12 to 15 thousand euros per year. The postgraduate course in this country takes about 2 years. During this period, you are allowed to work 20 hours during the week so that you can cover part of the expenses.

PhD studies in Denmark

It is very easy and good to study in Denmark at the doctorate level because education at the doctorate level is public and free.

At this stage, student salary is considered for the student, and a person in this level receives an average of 2000 dollars per month from the university. For PhD students, the work permit is 30 hours per week.

Necessary documents for admission to the university at the doctoral level

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from highly accredited universities
  • Having an IELTS English language certificate with a score of 6.5
  • Having a supervisor to support the curriculum
  • Having components such as international articles

In Denmark, doctoral students have a special social status. For this reason, if you decide to immigrate to Denmark, the best course of study to immigrate is at the doctoral level. The doctoral course in Denmark takes 3 to 5 years.

Getting a scholarship to study in Denmark

If you have a good academic record and have a GPA above 17 along with a language certificate with a score of 6.5, you can use these educational facilities free of charge and get a scholarship. Obtaining a scholarship and immigrating to Denmark in this way is considered a powerful financial support. The Danish government scholarship is awarded to certain people.

For example, the applicant pays 2,000 kroner per month for the bachelor’s degree, this cost is 4,000 kroner for the master’s degree. But a student who has received a scholarship does not have anything as tuition. Most Iranian students put in the most efforts to be able to pay most of their living and education expenses with the help of scholarships and have a good start to their academic stay.

Work migration to Denmark

Almost 40% of the jobs that exist are guaranteed by the government and you can choose and be employed through engineering and technology jobs without the need for Danish language. The important point is that the more knowledge and expertise you have in your job and work, the higher your chances of employment in a higher job rank and position, especially if you are fluent in the Danish language.

It is interesting to know that people who immigrated to Denmark due to their educational background are also given work, and undergraduate and graduate students can work 20 hours a week along with their studies.

Check the companion visa in Denmark

In the past, it was possible to study in Denmark with family, but now the Danish student visa rules have changed and foreign students can no longer immigrate to study with their families and apply for a companion visa.

Necessary steps to study in Denmark

The necessary measures for educational migration to Denmark are possible after checking and knowing the general conditions of this country. If you want to go to Danish universities, you must have the basic documents for admission to each of the desired levels. Having enough information in this field, you can apply for a Danish study visa correctly. Required documents for study visa are English language certificate, valid passport, acceptance letter from relevant universities, completion of related forms and medical test, few photos and motivation letter.

In the past, according to the previous laws of Denmark, after graduation, a person was allowed to work and stay in this country for six months. But with the introduction of new Danish laws, foreign students are not allowed to work after finishing their studies, and international students can change their study visa to a work visa after successfully finding a job. After 5 years of working in Denmark, people can become permanent residents of Denmark and after another 4 years, apply for Danish citizenship.

Academic immigration advice to Denmark

Denmark welcomes many foreign students every year. In this article, we talked about the general conditions and laws in Denmark. We examined the conditions for obtaining a scholarship and studying in Denmark in English. You can contact our expert team at Andisheh Immigration Institute to receive more information and advice for study migration to Denmark.

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