Swedish work visa and conditions for obtaining it

ویزای کار سوئد و شرایط اخذ آن

Maybe this question comes to your mind, how to get a Swedish work visa? What should be done to immigrate to Sweden? Is it possible to apply for a work visa to Sweden? How to immigrate to Sweden? Stay with us to answer your questions.

Why immigrate to Sweden?

Sweden is located in Northern Europe, next to Denmark. Norway and Finland are one of the largest countries in the Scandinavian region with a population of 10 million people and an area of approximately 449,700 square kilometers. The official language of this country is Swedish, and in sensitive fields such as medicine, mastering this language and having a degree is required. be Many people want to apply for a Swedish work visa. Stay with us to get to know the conditions of receiving it.

In this article, we discuss the following :

_Job offer visa

_The documents required by the applicant and the required accompanying documents

_Average salary in Sweden

_Working conditions for students in Sweden

_The state of well-being and job security in Sweden

_How to obtain residence in Sweden

_Online employment agencies

_The highest paying jobs in Sweden

_List of required jobs in Sweden

_Working hours in Sweden

_How to renew the work permit application

_ Examples of different costs in this country

Various methods of immigration to Sweden

There are six ways to immigrate to Sweden, work immigration is one of these six, because of the very favorable welfare level and high quality of life, many applicants choose Sweden to immigrate. But first of all, they must be able to apply for a Swedish work visa. Of course, some people stay in this country after studying in Sweden and get a work visa.

It should be noted that work migration to Sweden, apart from finding an employer and a job offer, must be registered by the employer for the applicant for a work permit. Advertise with the proposed salary of at least 13,000 kroner per month, and if he does not find his own specialist, he can invite people from outside the European Union to cooperate. (In some cases, hiring and obtaining a license can be done without notice)

Required documents for Sweden work visa

The required documents for a Swedish work visa include the following:

_Applicant’s identity documents

_Travel insurance policy

_Last educational certificate

_Certificate of no bad background

_Lease of residence in Sweden

_Valid passport

_ Work contract (with a minimum amount of 13,000 kroner)

_Official job offer letter or job offer

Required documents for immigrating to Sweden

_Valid passport

_Official letter of job offer and employment contract of the main person

_Identity documents

_For the person’s spouse, marriage documents

Salaries in Sweden (on average)

Before immigrating to Sweden, it is better to be aware of the salary in this country. The average salary in this country is as follows:

Professional, scientific and technical activities: 4.352

_medical: 5.219

_computer programmer: 3.961

_Construction: 4.203

_Information technology specialist: 3.136

It can be roughly said that most jobs have a monthly income of around 22,000 kroner, which may attract the opinion of many people, but the cost of living in this country is also high.

Working conditions for students in Sweden

Unlike many countries, students in Sweden have the right to 40 hours of full-time work, and applicants’ companions are also allowed to work if they are over 18 years old. And for the applicants, if they work in this country for one year with appropriate salary, after one year they can apply for their work residence permit and if they succeed in getting it, they can enjoy free education in this country.

Welfare system and job security

Sweden is one of the countries that has provided good welfare for its people. Living in Sweden is far from worries such as medical and social expenses or child education, and the people of this society are far from such worries with appropriate salaries and government subsidies. The unemployment rate in Sweden in 2022 is about 7.5% and in terms of the global quality index, this country ranks 10th in the world.

Obtaining permanent residence in Sweden

A Swedish work visa can lead to permanent residence in Sweden and then Swedish citizenship. If you have worked in Sweden for 4 years and paid taxes, you can apply for permanent residence in this country. In order to obtain a permanent residence in Sweden, during this period, you must not commit an act that is against the public interests of this country, and you must not have a court case.

Employment agencies

One of the most reasonable ways to get a job offer through employment agencies is that the applicant can attract the employer’s opinion and receive a job offer by reading the job search sites and sending his resume to the employer and conducting an online interview. Certainly, this is the easiest and cheapest way for the applicants, as the job search sites are available in both Swedish and English languages. How to apply for a job in Sweden can be submitted both online and in writing to the Swedish Embassy in Iran. The submitted request should be as follows:

  • Fill out the application form accurately and completely.
  • Copy of passport pages showing personal information, validity period and whether you are allowed to live in other countries.
  • You must attach the job offer you received.
  • Pay the processing fees for your application (work permit application: 2,000 kroner – work permit extension application: 1,000 kroner – job change request: 2,000 kroner)
  • The processing time for the request from the Swedish Embassy in Tehran is 2 months.

Three examples of job sites in English:

The employment agency

LinkedIn job search portal


The highest paying jobs in Sweden

Among the most lucrative jobs are medicine, civil engineering, education, IT, architecture, judge, lawyer, marketing management, pilot, financial managers and social services, and the average income of these jobs is usually 45,000 euros per year. It is up to 75 thousand euros.

List of required jobs in Sweden


_Elderly nurse

_Emergency nurse


_ radiologist


_site designer


_Engineering and civil engineering


_crane driver


_Building Painter


Working hours in Sweden

Working hours in this country are usually 40 to 48 hours per week. The start of working hours is usually from 8:30 or 9:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon like in Iran.

Renewal and how to apply for a work permit

When the applicant’s work permit has expired and the person has been employed and working in Sweden for 6 months or more, he can apply for the extension of the permit while continuing his work, and the Swedish Migration Agency ensures that the applicant during During his stay, he respects and observes all the laws and regulations, for this purpose, a tax and income letter must be requested from the Swedish Tax Administration. (It should be noted that at this stage, the person must have all the documents that were mentioned above to obtain a Swedish work visa ready)

Review of monthly expenses in Sweden

The average income of working people in Sweden is 3000 euros per month, which in 2022 is 2000 euros per month for a family with a normal standard of living in Sweden. This amount is for the monthly expenses of clothing, food and housing.

Examples of living costs in Sweden can be seen in the table below:

Meal, cheap restaurant: €9.90

Cappuccino: 3.72 €

Milk (one liter): 1.14 €

Eggs (12): 2.93 €

Chicken breast (1 kg): 8.64 €

Beef (1 kg): 16.12 €

Tomatoes (1 kg): 3.05 €

Potatoes (1 kg): 1.16 €

Apple (1 kg): 2.66 €

Sample house rental prices

One bedroom apartment in the city center: 747.79 €

One bedroom apartment outside the center: 550.76 €

The purchase price of one unit in Sweden

The price per square meter for buying an apartment in the city center: 4,707.96 €

The price per square meter for buying an apartment outside the center: 3,156.07 €

Shipping costs in Sweden

Taxi every 1 km: 1.74 €

Gasoline (1 liter): 1.53 €

One-way ticket (metro transportation): 3.17 €

Monthly ticket (normal use): 78.70 €

Overall benefits of living in Sweden

_Low unemployment rate

_A green country with beautiful nature and suitable climate

_Peace and pacifism of society

_High quality level of education

_Strong economy

_High quality of life

Consultation request for Swedish work visa

If you, dear ones, want to apply for a work visa for Sweden and immigrate to this country, you can contact our colleagues at Andisheh Immigration Institute. Our colleagues will provide you with the necessary explanations in this field.


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