The cost of studying and living in Poland

The cost of studying and living in Poland is slightly different from other European countries. Until 2007, the educational system of Polish universities was such that only two levels of study, master’s and doctorate, were accepted; However, since 2007, the educational system has changed, and students have been accepted in three categories: bachelor’s (engineering and non-engineering), master’s and doctorate. If you intend to immigrate to Poland and study in this country, it is better to familiarize yourself with the costs of education and living. So stay with us.

What is the cost of studying and living in Poland?

Studying in Poland is possible in English, unlike other European countries that do not speak English; Also, an applicant with a valid diploma and pre-university degree can apply for university admission. If you are applying for a bachelor’s degree in English, you must have IELTS 6. However, if you intend to continue your education in Polish, a degree is not required and the university itself organizes a one-year course to teach the Polish language. At this point, the government allows the student to work 10 hours a week, which can cover a large part of the cost of studying and living in Poland with the salary received from this work.

Undergraduate studies in Poland

The undergraduate course for engineering fields is 3 to 5 years, which is held in the colleges of engineering, science, agriculture and economics.

Master’s degree studies in Poland

Studying in Poland at the master’s level has the same conditions as in other countries of the world, and you must have a valid bachelor’s degree and a certificate of English or Polish. The duration of this course is one to two years. Studying in Poland at the master’s level is usually recommended to those who cannot afford to study in countries such as America, Australia, England and Canada. At this stage, the student is allowed 20 hours of student work per week in order to cover part of the cost of studying and living in Poland.

PhD studies in Poland

At the doctoral level, a person must have a valid master’s degree and a degree in English or Polish. At this stage, it is possible to get a scholarship for the applicant. If a person is not awarded a scholarship, the person must cover all the expenses himself. People who get scholarships are given good facilities. These people are given a monthly salary of 2000 dollars. Of course, the scholarship is quite competitive because students are awarded salaries if they are awarded a scholarship, so there is a lot of competition among applicants.

To receive a scholarship, people must meet the following conditions:

  1. Having international documents and books
  2. Having IELTS 7
  3. Having a valid bachelor’s and master’s degree from a reputable university
  4. Searching for a mentoring professor in Poland to support a PhD thesis

The more valid and complete your documents are, the more chances you will have to get a scholarship.

Advantages of studying in Poland

The advantages of studying in Poland include:

  • Low cost education
  • Low cost of living
  • Studying in top universities in the world and Europe
  • The opportunity to study in English and learn a second language.

Academic degrees received from other countries are usually recognized by Polish universities. Also, Polish master’s or doctorate degrees are recognized for the entire European Union, England and the United States due to participation in the Bologna process.

The cost of studying in Poland

The cost of studying and living in Poland is the most important issue that every applicant should have information about. The cost of education is not the same for all fields and it is different in different stages. First, the person who sends his documents for review must pay an amount that is different at each stage.

The tuition fee is free for Polish people, but there are fees for foreign applicants; But in general, these costs are cheaper than other European countries.

  • The cost of studying in Poland at the undergraduate level is about 2000 euros per year.
  • The cost of studying in Poland at the master’s and doctoral level is about 3000 euros per year.
  • The cost of studying in Poland in technical and professional courses and internships is about 3000 euros per year.
  • Between 2,000 and 6,000 euros per year for private institutions and universities in Poland.
  • The cost of Polish language classes organized by the university for applicants to study in Poland in Polish language for one year is about 2000 euros per year.

Polish scholarship

Some Polish universities offer their own scholarship program. These programs are usually awarded to students based on grades and academic level.

Polish scholarship options:

  • Scholarship awarded by a Polish partner.
  • A scholarship awarded by the sending partner (eg your country or university).
  • Scholarships awarded by Polish higher education institutions.

Cost of living in Poland

Although Poland has made significant progress in recent years, the cost of education and living in Poland is low compared to other countries. On average, the cost of living for a student is 200 to 500 euros per month, which includes all the costs of accommodation, food, transportation, etc.

The conditions for admission to Polish universities are as follows:

  • Submission of an application form for admission to the desired university in Poland.
  • Full resume of the applicant along with details of previous educational qualifications.
  • Presentation of diploma acceptance with transcripts.
  • Providing 4 pieces of passport photos
  • Medical qualification card
  • Submission of birth certificate along with a copy of all its pages.
  • Presenting a valid passport.
  • Registration on the due date
  • Bringing all payment receipts and paid expenses.

Necessary measures to obtain a student visa in Poland

  • Providing one of the IELTS or TOEFL language certificates or having the ability to communicate in Polish.
  • If you have a university degree, it is mandatory to submit the original university degree along with its copy.
  • Having financial resources or strong financial support.
  • Visa fee payment ($102)
  • Insurance
  • Official acceptance letter from one of the Polish universities

If you, dear fellow countryman, wish to study and live in Poland, we recommend you to use the expert and specialized opinions of Andisheh Immigration Institute consultants in all stages of obtaining admission and sending students to Europe. So stay in touch with our colleagues.

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