What are the requirements for a German study visa?

What are the requirements for a German study visa? How to immigrate to Germany to study? What should be done to immigrate to Germany? Studying in Germany has many fans and how to get a study visa is important for those interested.

What are the requirements for a German study visa?

The conditions for obtaining this visa include several types:
The first type is for students who want to enter German schools in high school and receive a diploma from these schools. Germany is the best option for studying because of its high security and high standards. Education in these schools is bilingual. Education at the age of 4 to 6 years in the primary level (optional) and after that until the age of 11 years in this level (primary) is mandatory. After completing primary school, they continue to study in high school for 2 years. In the following, we will review the conditions of the German study visa, so stay with us.

The language of German public schools

In this context, if a student under the age of 18 wants to enter German public schools, he must have a language certificate because the language of instruction in these schools is German. Therefore, it is necessary for that person to have a C1 German language certificate.

So, the first thing to do to get your child into German public schools is to have the required German language certificate. This issue makes public schools not a suitable choice for students.

International schools are another suitable choice that does not require a German language certificate and can be a better option for foreign students to study in this country, in this case there is no need to have a German language certificate.

For this reason, most families who immigrate to this country to continue their child’s education usually choose international schools where courses are taught in English and German can be learned as an additional language along with other courses.

The cost of studying in German schools

One of the methods of obtaining a study visa in Germany is to study in the schools of this country. Public schools in Germany do not have fees and are completely free, international schools include tuition fees. Of course, this tuition varies depending on the type of school, the quality of services provided to the student, and the course in which the student participates.

According to the above, the tuition fees of international schools vary from 8000 Euros to 12000 Euros per year. In the following, we will review bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees.

Undergraduate studies at a German university

Studying at the undergraduate level of German universities is another way to get a German study visa. Education at this stage is often free. But according to the quality of the university and the desired field, they receive a very low tuition fee, for example, 80 to 100 euros per year. Of course, there are some fields of study in which the tuition fee is relatively higher and 200 to 300 euros per year must be spent for it.

Admission requirements for free universities in Germany

In universities that do not charge tuition fees or have very low annual tuition fees, teaching is done in German. Therefore, the applicant must have a German language certificate to study. The minimum language score required to enter these universities is b2. The grade point average of the individual’s diploma must be above 15.

For a series of fields such as law and medicine, which are the top fields, a person’s GPA must be 19 or higher. If the GPA is 20, the conditions are smoother for him.

Applicants for a German study visa for medicine and law must provide a German language score of c1.

Age requirements for entering a free university in Germany at the undergraduate level

The age requirements considered by these universities at the undergraduate level should be the reasonable age for studying at this level. People who have a bachelor’s degree and want to get another bachelor’s degree can apply to study at this level. But to get the second bachelor’s degree, their age should not be more than the reasonable age of bachelor’s education.

Entry requirements for international universities in Germany, undergraduate level

Teaching courses in these universities is in English, and one of the conditions for entering international universities in Germany is to pay tuition fees. If you are considering entering Germany for a bachelor’s degree, you must have prerequisites. If you are considering entering Germany for a bachelor’s degree, you must have prerequisites.

The tuition fees of these universities are different depending on the field that the applicant chooses because studying in some fields is cheaper and some fields are more expensive.

Prerequisites for admission to the International University of Germany

  • Language score
  • Age condition
  • GPA above 15

German study visa requirements for master’s degree

  • GPA above 15
  • Related undergraduate studies
  • Educational records at a reputable university
  • B2 German language certificate
  • Having financial ability and presenting it to the embassy
  • Reasonable age requirements (it is better to be under 35 years old)
  • It is better not to have too many academic breaks in the applicant’s educational records (3 or 4 years of education is not a problem, but it should not be more than this amount)

If the academic gap or academic gap was more than this, you must cover this academic gap with work records or an academic degree. Depending on your marital status and number of dependents, you must provide acceptable financial means.

If the applicant wishes to study at a master’s degree in international universities in Germany, he must provide an English language certificate with an academic IELTS score of 5.6. Naturally, studying in this university includes a fee, but the amount of tuition depends on your field of study.

A solution for students who do not have the conditions to enter the university

An applicant who does not have a high grade point average and a sufficient language score can use the considered courses. One of the advantages of using these courses is that it prepares students to enter university. They are strengthened both in terms of language knowledge and in terms of basic subjects.

The time of these courses is one year and it includes the cost, but it makes you completely ready to enter the university. After that, entering foundation courses, which can be a great help for students.

Andisheh Migration Institute can take Pet Way courses for students who do not have entry requirements, and after that Foundation course, which costs very little, it can actually be said that it is free.

Tuition fees for Pet Way courses vary depending on the type of university and range from around 5000 Euros to 10000 Euros.

Required documents of students for German study visa

  • 12-year high school diploma
  • It is better if the age is below 30 years (18 years to 30 years), for higher degrees such as master’s degree and doctorate, the age range also increases.
  • If they are under 30 years old, you can use Pet Way courses to enter the doctorate.


In order to immigrate to Germany, you need to have an English language certificate or a German language certificate. If you have a German language certificate at a young age, we congratulate you because you have the conditions to study in public and free schools in Germany.

If you do not have a German language certificate and you have an English language certificate, you can enroll in international schools in Germany where courses are taught in English. Of course, these schools cost money and are not free.

One of the admission requirements for studying in German universities at undergraduate and graduate levels is a degree in German or English. Of course, you can acquire the necessary skills by taking the courses introduced in this article, and then enter the university for a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

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