Why immigration to Dominica?

چرا مهاجرت به دومینیکا؟

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the types of Dominica visas for immigrants as well as the investment visa program in this country. Then we will examine the requirements of the Dominica visa and the application process. So stay with us.

Why immigration to Dominica?

Dominica has an impressive nature and is one of the cultural countries. Dominica has a population of approximately 5 people, along with African, native, French, Cryol; While the official language of the country is English, other languages such as French and Cryol are also used. Dominica is also recognized as one of the happiest countries with balance of work and life.

Benefits for citizens of Dominica

Citizens of Dominica enjoy the following benefits:

-The country is one of the least costly visas.

-Life in paradise with a secure and stable political space and low crime.

-Free visa access to more than 5 countries, including the Schengen, Europe, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Malaysia Singapore and Turkey.

-Dual citizenship that is recognized, so you do not need to leave your current citizenship.

– Your country of origin will not be notified about your new citizenship

– The official language of this country is English, which is easier to access and learn than other languages.

A serious tourism-based economy with the potential to create a profitable business in financial services and agriculture.

-The opportunity to have a second home and rent it seasonally.

– Obtaining a Dominica passport in less than 3 months

-No interview, education or managerial experience is required

– Absence of tax on capital gains, gifts, wealth and inheritance from non-residents.

– The possibility of opening an account in the world’s most prestigious banking institutions with a Dominica passport

Tax-free trade in the Caribbean

ـ There is no restriction in terms of restoring the resulting interests to the hometown and the entry of capital

Generous incentive packages, including tax incentives for companies, full exemption from customs duty, tax reduction and export incentives.

Types of Dominica visas

The types of visas for immigrating to Dominica are as follows:

Tourism Visa

Citizens must have a valid passport to enter Dominica. There is no visa for the first 21 days; But if immigrants want to spend more time there, they must apply for a visa through the Dominica Immigration Office and pay the fee for the extension of stay. Special passport holders are allowed to attend Dominica for 6 months without a visa, and provided the ticket is available on the residence and maintaining their financial position with additional budget, albeit illegal.

Citizenship visa

A citizenship visa gives you the right to unlimited life in this country; The citizenship of this country can be born with the birth of the child, the family ratio, the marriage, and so on. get it Dominica Citizenship by Investment The Dominican government has operated an investment program since 1993 where applicants and their original family members can immigrate as companions. While many of the other passport programs are no longer possible, only one of them generally benefits significantly from Dominica.

You can start investing in this country with a minimum investment of $100,000 to the Dominica Economic Development Fund or a minimum investment of $200,000 in real estate development.

Temporary and Permanent Residence Visa to Immigration to Dominica

To apply for residency and receive a valid visa, you must have a compelling reason to do so, as you invest or work in the economy of Dominica. Your passport must also be valid for at least six months to obtain a valid visa. To obtain a permanent residence in Dominica, you must first have a temporary residence for one year and you must extend it for five consecutive years. Also, permanent residence is only with the authority of the Foreign Minister, the Minister of Immigration and Labor.

(Work permit makes you work in Dominica. Dominica’s work permit can even help you get your stay until your work contract is valid for six months or more. This type of license can be Renewed every year and you should have this work permit before arriving)

Dominica Business Visa

To qualify for a business visa, you must demonstrate that you are a bona fide immigrant who needs to do business in Dominica and that you are currently aiming for permanent work opportunities in the country. Also, the applicant must apply for a work contract with the employer in one of the companies based in this country.

Investment type

  1. Donate to the Dominica Government Fund
  2. Investing in Dominica real estate

Investment cost

10,000 US dollars For each of the applicants and 175,000 US dollars For a family of 4


Spouse, children up to 30 years old and parents/grandfather and great-grandmother without age limit and siblings up to 25 years old and below

Passport/ Passport Credit

For people who are over 16 years old, its validity period is 10 years, and for children under 16 years old, for five years

Donate to the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF)

Incredible financial aid to government funds. The fee varies depending on the number of applicants and their age.

original applicant $100,000

Main applicant plus spouse $150,000

The main applicant, along with his wife and two dependent children under the age of eighteen, $175,000

Sibling between eighteen and twenty-five years of age of the main applicant or his spouse $50,000

An additional $25,000 per dependent

Investment in Real Estate

Investing in real estate through one of the government -approved real estate projects, including absolute ownership of ownership, hotel shares, joint ownership or land. Investing and paying government fees will be done after Dominica citizenship is confirmed.

Government fees

In addition to the costs of purchasing real estate, government fees must also be paid:

The main applicant is $25,000

Main applicant plus spouse 35000 US dollars

(Spouses or dependents up to 30 years old) Family of four including the main applicant 35,000 US dollars

A family of six, including the main applicant’s spouse or dependents up to 30 years old, 50,000 US dollars

A family of seven, including the main applicant’s spouse or dependents up to 30 years old, 70,000 US dollars

Siblings of the main applicant/spouse of the main applicant between the ages of 18 and 25, USD 50,000

Siblings of the main applicant/spouse of the main applicant under 18 years of age USD 25,000

Documents required for Dominica visa

The documents required for each applicant, including children for a Dominica visa, include:

  1. Form D1: personal information
  2. Form D2: Fingerprint and photo verification form (must be completed in the presence of the fingerprint officer)
  3. Form D3: Questionnaire and confirmation of medical line (must be completed by a licensed medical doctor)
  4. Form 12 request letter (two official copies completed)
  5. Loyalty oath form
  6. Certified copies of all passports
  7. The original complete birth certificate or its copy approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs means a birth certificate that includes the names of your parents, family names, family tree, etc.
  8. Form of non -liability by any applicant who is age or older than the country where it is born, the country where it has citizenship, the country where he or she resides, or any other country where the applicant is within 5 years. The past has been there for more than 6 months. For children from 5 to 5 years, their parents must swear that they have not committed any crime.
  9. Certified copy of driver’s license
  10. Copy of all identity documents/books and cards
  11. Certified copy of all military service and military discharge documents, if applicable (for men aged 18 and above)
  12. Two original Passport Photos Size
  13. Proof of residential address (attested copy of house rent document or house utility bills)
  14. Copy of Affiliated from University/University Diploma or College Diploma
  15. Official notarized documents supporting each family member who is 18 years of age or older and included in the application letter, except for the spouse.
  16. Results of basic HIV tests for all applicants aged 12 years and above
  17. The results of the main blood and urine tests and the following required documents from the main applicant
  18. Selling and Purchase Agreement (only real estate option)
  19. EDF’s only option investment agreement
  20. A bank reference written issued by a well -known international bank in less than six months.
  21. Bank’s main bills over the past 6 months to immigrate to Dominica
  22. An original professional line reference (for example from a solicitor, notary public, chartered accountant or other similar professional body) that must not have been issued within the last 6 months.
  23. An original employment letter
  24. Detailed commercial/military/life accident reports
  25. The main marriage document or the confirmed copy of the marriage line (if available)
  26. Confirmed copy of divorce divorce documents (if available)
  27. An application fee of EUR 250.00 is payable at the Treasury Department
  28. Treasury receipt as a certificate of payment of application fee
  29. Stamp for loyalty oath
  30. Stamps are available for purchase at the General Post Office and its branches

Request advice for Dominica visa

If you are interested in migrating to Dominica and obtaining a visa, you can contact our colleagues at the Andisheh Immigration Institute. Our colleagues will provide you with the necessary explanations in this field.

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