Zero to one hundred studies in Poland

Zero to one hundred education in Poland is a new topic that we intend to investigate in this article. Poland is a well-equipped country and the center of Europe. Among the most important cities in this country are Welch, Wroclaw, Krakow, Szczecin, Katowice, Poznan and Gdańsk. The religion of most Poles is Christian and the official language of the Polish people is Polish. The currency of this country is the zloty (every 100 zlotys is equal to 9750 rials). The climate of this country is oceanic, which means it has cold and dry winters and hot summers.

Polish universities are 700 years old and many applicants in the fields of medicine and engineering refer to these universities. Studying in Poland has advantages over other European countries, which we will discuss in the rest of the article. In this article, we fully examine the benefits, conditions, cost of living and the cost of studying in Poland.

Advantages of studying in Poland

Poland is one of the most affordable countries for studying and continuing education. In addition to academic progress, due to the favorable location of this country, you can also achieve good progress in various work fields.

Among the most important advantages of studying in Poland, the following can be mentioned:

  • Accreditation of Polish universities according to the Ministry of Science
  • Low cost of living in Poland compared to other European countries
  • Low tuition fees compared to other Schengen universities
  • The possibility of obtaining academic admission without the need for a language certificate
  • The possibility of benefiting from various scholarships that you will learn about later.
  • High social security
  • A bilingual country and the possibility of studying in both English and Polish languages at all levels of education
  • Student work permit during studies according to the level of study
  • The possibility of converting a study visa to a work visa and obtaining residence
  • The modernity of this country, Poland is a modern and dynamic member of the European Union. In recent years, this country has gained more popularity among international students. The Polish education system is well developed and the quality of education provided is regularly monitored and evaluated.
  • Using facilities and comfortable conditions suitable for the students of this country. Students can use services such as taxi, bus, metro, cinema, etc. by presenting a student card. Even in some companies, by presenting a student card, you can benefit from the services of that company.

ISIC card

This card is basically an international student card, with which you can use all the facilities provided by the university. In Polish offices, if you are not a Polish university or college student, the ISIC card will determine your student status.

Polish scholarship conditions

One of the advantages of studying in Poland is the location of this country in Central Europe and its geographical relationship with other countries. Also, in this context, we can mention the long-standing education system, numerous scholarship programs in Poland, affordable education and living costs compared to other European countries, and also the possibility of free education in Poland.

Some Polish universities offer their own scholarship programs to students based on their grades and academic level.

Polish scholarship

Scholarship options for studying in Poland are:

  • Scholarship awarded by a Polish partner.
  • A scholarship awarded by the sending partner (eg your country or university).
  • Scholarships awarded by Polish higher education institutions.

The Polish scholarship, in addition to its variety, also supports the tuition fee in full or in part. A number of scholarships in Poland only provide a part of living expenses and university tuition. Some programs also pay monthly income to students in addition to providing living and education expenses. Often, Poland’s full-fund programs are intended for doctoral and post-doc courses.

Necessary conditions to obtain a Polish scholarship

  1. Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from reputable universities
  2. GPA above 17
  3. Providing proof of sufficient command of the English language (at least IELTS 6.5)
  4. Getting the opinion of a supervisor
  5. Having scientific research articles such as international articles, books, etc.

Top universities for Polish scholarships

16 Polish universities are in the global ranking of the QS website. In between, four universities are ranked below 1000. The University of Warsaw and Jagiellonia are also ranked below 5000 QS sites. As one of the best universities in Poland, the University of Warsaw has been ranked 51st in the world on the QS website and in the list of the best student cities.

Studying in Poland will not be the only advantage considered for people, because studying in Poland will bring going to parties, meeting new people, experiencing life in Europe, broadening people’s horizons, etc. However, students will be able to take advantage of amazing opportunities, explore new issues, enjoy life, get to know a new culture, and enjoy life at a low cost. All these things are among the advantages and privileges of studying in Poland.

Income in Poland

Another advantage of living and studying in Poland is the amount of income, which varies between 800 and 1600 euros per month on average. Of course, this amount of salary for specialized jobs is considered up to 7000 euros per month.

The security of Poland

Security is another advantage of living in Poland. This means that the crime rate is lower and most crimes and petty thefts occur in crowded places.

Other advantages and facilities of Poland

  • Today, carrying an ID card allows you to watch the latest movies in the world without paying exorbitant fees. This is while you are required to pay half of the ticket price.
  • If you are a student studying in Poland, it is suggested that you consider spending your free time in a gym, swimming pool or tennis court. Of course, don’t worry about the costs because the entertainment costs in this country are very low.

By having an ID card, you can benefit from all the mentioned facilities. This feature will be very effective for attracting students to Polish colleges and universities. Polish students who have a recognized ID card will have no problem using these facilities.

How to study in Poland?

If you are looking for prosperity and comfort, immigrating to Poland is definitely the right option for you; In a general summary, it can be said that immigrating to this country will be of great value to Iranian applicants. If you need advice and guidance regarding studying in Poland, contact our colleagues at Andisheh Immigration Institute.

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