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مهاجرت به اتریش

Immigrating to Austria has already found many applicants, because this country is a member of the European Union and the Schengen area, and offers many benefits to immigrants. With an area of 83,878 square kilometers, Austria is located in the central part of Europe and has a population of about 9 million people. Its capital is Vienna and its currency is Euro. This country has been able to rank first in many aspects of life and be classified as a capitalist country. Austria’s neighbors are Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Due to the presence of the Alps, the prevailing climate is often mountainous and cold.

The religion of Austrian people is mostly Christianity, but the presence of other religions such as Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, etc. is also evident. The dominant language is Austrian German, but some also speak Hungarian and Slovenian. Like other European countries, this country is open to immigration. In the following, we will mention some methods of immigrating to Austria and obtaining its residence:

Immigrate to Austria through a work visa

Immigrating to Austria through a work visa does not cost much and you only need to find the right job and meet the necessary conditions. You can apply for a job through a job offer. You can apply for a job in the desired country by having the desired minimum educational qualification, desired age and related expertise.

Of course, you will get a job if the employer has not found the desired person for three months by advertising at the level of the country and the European region.

In the next case, after immigrating to Austria, you can first apply for a six-month visa from Austria to search for work during the requested period. If you find a job suitable for your degree, you can also get residency in this country.

Immigrate to Austria through education

The easiest way to immigrate to Austria is through a student visa. In this country, you can study in a private or public university. In addition to citizens, public universities will also be free for international students. The main reason for choosing Austria to study is the high quality of education and the level of social welfare.

The important point is that if you want to study in different levels of the Austrian public university, you must have scored points in the entrance exam of the new level in your country, in addition to being a student of the previous level of the public university of the country of origin. To study in Austria, mastering the German language is a requirement and these people are allowed to study for free. In addition, you can find a part-time job that suits your field of study to support your living expenses.

Private universities in Austria charge tuition fees, one of the advantages of which is teaching in English. In addition to not having an age requirement for these universities, it has attracted attention from many foreigners. After completing your studies, you have between six months and one year to get a work permit by finding a related job.

Immigrate to Austria through investment

Immigrating to Austria through investment is another method of immigrating to this country. There are many ways to invest in Austria, and each one will depend on your circumstances. Since Austria has positive economic growth and high security for investors, it attracts a large number of investors every year. You can act with less capital than many European countries and join the group of Austrian investors.

For this purpose , you need to present a creative idea under the title of business plan to the relevant organization in Austria and, if approved, implement it. After that, you will continue your work by injecting the desired minimum capital.

Immigrate to Austria by birth

The granting of citizenship to a born child is subject to two types, either based on blood or based on soil. In citizenship by territory, your place of birth can give you citizenship. But the citizenship of the blood means the citizenship of the parents can bring citizenship to the child. Each country has its own law in this field. In Austria, according to the law, if each of the parents is Austrian and the marriage is legal, the child can also acquire Austrian citizenship. But if the marriage is not official and the father has Austrian citizenship, the father has eight weeks to declare to the Austrian government after the birth that the child belongs to him. After confirmation, the court will grant citizenship to the child.

In the view of the Austrian government, a child can have dual citizenship before reaching adulthood, but when he reaches legal age, he must choose between his citizenships. If the child’s father or mother is Austrian but they live in another country, the child of this family can also become subject to Austria by following his father or mother. Of course, regarding the acceptance of the principle of soil, there is an air exception in Austria.

Immigrate to Austria through marriage

Marriage is also one of the ways to obtain residence in Austria, which follows the laws of the country.

  • The age of both spouses should not be less than eighteen years, if the age is lower, the permission of the guardian must be available.
  • A foreigner cannot obtain Austrian residency if he is married to an Austrian. Six years of marriage is a condition. In addition, they must have lived in Austria in the same house for five years since their marriage.
  • The foreigner must have a perfect command of the German language.
  • Lack of bad criminal background, financial ability, etc. are also conditions for obtaining Austrian citizenship.

Immigrate to Austria through asylum

Asylum is another way to immigrate to Austria, but it has many problems. A person may be persecuted in his country for various reasons and can no longer live in his country. In this situation, he becomes a refugee to another country. The asylum application enters the interview stage after passing various stages in the police offices of Austria. After that it is approved or rejected. Among the dangers of this type of residence, living in refugee camps for at least two years can cause illness and financial and mental risks. Therefore, it is not recommended at all.

For more information on immigrating to Austria, you can contact our consultants at Andisheh Immigration Institute.

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