Norway medical staff visa

Obtaining a Norwegian medical staff visa has provided a good opportunity for doctors and nurses to immigrate to this country. Norway is one of the countries that accept immigrants, and because of the shortage of doctors, the medical staff is very welcome. In addition, it is one of the attractive European countries for studying, working and living, because the people in this country have a high level of social welfare. In addition, the unemployment rate is very low in this country. In the previous article, explanations about the Norwegian study visa were provided to you dear ones. In this article, we are trying to familiarize you with how to get a Norwegian medical staff visa, documents and necessary conditions.

Why immigrate to Norway?

Why is immigration to Norway so popular? What are the benefits of healthcare jobs in Norway? How to apply for a Norwegian medical staff visa? It is good to know that Norway is one of the Scandinavian countries and is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world. In Norway, the level of education is high and therefore people are often rich. People who are not able to work are supported by the government to lead a normal life. High security, dynamic economy far from unemployment and social welfare have made this country a suitable destination for immigration.

Documents required to obtain a Norwegian medical staff visa

  1. Identity documents and identification cards, the original of the educational certificate that has been translated.
  2. Norwegian language certificate and English language certificate with high marks
  3. Medical license or nursing license
  4. transcripts of academic courses
  5. Providing a document that shows the duration of the person’s education.

What fields can apply for the Norwegian medical staff visa?

Medical and paramedical fields can apply for residence through Norwegian medical staff visa. The Norwegian Migration Board has published a list that only people with a related field of study can apply for this type of visa.

Acceptance of the treatment staff is possible only through the equivalence of the course titles. After the equivalence of courses in Norwegian language, a test is taken from the applicant. There are 3 modes for equalization as follows:

  • Equivalence is done in full and there is no need for the individual to pass the unit again at the university.
  • A series of courses and topics have been taught in a Norwegian university that do not exist in the university of origin, or were not taught in the year that the applicant received his degree, in this case the person must go to the university in Norway and repeat those units. pass
  • The third case is when the standards of the person’s degree are not in accordance with the standards of the country of Norway, and in this case the person may not be able to receive confirmation of admission through this country and be rejected.

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Immigrate to Norway through medical personnel

Norway has recruited medical and nursing staff to expand the medical staff. People who work in different fields such as dentistry, general practitioner, surgeon, cardiologist, laboratory science, nursing, physiotherapy, orthopedist, etc. Those who have expertise can immigrate to this country.

In order to receive a Norwegian medical staff visa, the applicant must register with the health organization of this country so that he can equate his university degrees. The health department will review the licenses of doctors, medical staff specialists and nurses and approve them if they are qualified.

How much time does the equalization process take for Norwegian treatment staff?

The equalization process for the Norwegian medical staff takes about 7 to 9 months. It is interesting to know that people who apply for a Norwegian medical staff visa can receive 2 years of Norwegian residency; During these two years, these people are allowed to work and they are given an opportunity to learn the Norwegian language. In this period of time, if needed, people can go to the university to take courses for free; to participate in the relevant tests after passing the course units.

For equivalence, you may have to re-read some course units and have new grades in your transcript. Examination of educational qualifications for foreign applicants includes paying a fee to the Education Commission for Medical Graduates.

The language required to obtain a Norwegian medical staff visa

To get a Norwegian medical staff visa, the score of the language certificate depends on the field of study; Because the prerequisites for each language are different for each field of study.

It is important to note that it is not mandatory to have a Norwegian language certificate to enter this country. As a result, people can participate in Norwegian language courses and learn this language after staying in this country. After entering Norway, you need to get a B2 language certificate. The best thing to do is to improve your English while your medical staff visa work is done.

Accompanying visa for Norwegian medical staff

One of the questions raised is whether this visa is granted to the applicant’s companion and family or not? The pass is positive. When a person applies for a medical staff visa, he can also get an accompanying visa for his spouse and children under 18 years of age, and this is one of the advantages of the Norwegian medical staff visa.

final word

Norway is one of the European countries with a high level of social welfare and social security. This country is a good destination for doctors, paramedics and medical staff. People who have studied in the mentioned fields can get a two-year residency in this country by equating their subjects. People who complete the equivalence of the courses and their documents are complete have a very high chance of getting a Norwegian medical staff visa. Accompanying visa is granted to the family, i.e. spouse and children under 18 years of age.

After completing visa work and obtaining residency, people receive work permits, which is a privilege. If the applicant meets the mentioned conditions, he can easily get hired in a suitable job and start working as a specialist in Norway after receiving a medical license. But if you haven’t received a license, you can’t start your business. If you need further guidance on the Norwegian medical staff visa, contact us.

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