Educational migration to Russia

Educational immigration to Russia has special conditions and rules that we have discussed in full in this article, so stay with us to learn about the latest conditions for studying in Russia.

Educational migration to Russia

Why immigrate to Russia?? Russia is a vast and populous country located in the northernmost point of the earth. This country is very rich in natural resources. Due to the proximity of this country to Iran, it is considered as one of the immigration destinations for people. By examining immigrants from Russia to other countries, which has a high number, it can be seen that this country cannot be a good destination for living. But you can look at it from the point of view of a step of progress and migrate to other countries in this way. The currency of this country is ruble, and the cost of living is higher in big cities and lower in smaller cities.

Educational migration to Russia

The best way to study abroad in Russia is through college. There is no age limit for studying in Russia. People over the age of 17 can apply to enter the college. Accepting this country is much easier than other countries. At any age, you can immigrate to this country and get admission in language college and even medical fields. It should be noted that the academic gap is not important here either, which is an advantage for studying in Russia.

Language certificate for Russian student visa

Having an English degree is not useful for Russia. It is easy to use the course and college courses and learn the Russian language from scratch. Our suggestion is to learn a little Russian language for more convenience and then take part in college courses.

What is an antidote?

Padfak is basically a language course that is a prerequisite for entering a university in Russia. During this course, 9 to 12 months of language training is completed. By taking this course, students learn the language up to A2 level. Finally, at the end of this course, they can master the Russian language and to some extent the English language and enter universities that teach in the Russian language.

To participate in Russian universities that are taught in English, there is no need to participate in antifaq courses and only having a degree in English is sufficient. To participate in these courses, the probability of being rejected is almost 0%, and we can get you accepted for a month before the start of the course. These courses are an excellent launching pad for studying in famous universities and provide high standard conditions for students of this country.

The cost of university or college courses

The good news is that the cost of these defenses is not comparable to the cost of university and is much cheaper. These courses can be chosen in any city.

To begin with, you can enter this country at a very low cost. It is very cheap to hold these antifaks in some small towns. For example, its cost in small cities can be about 1200 dollars per year. Of course, after completing this course, you can change your city and go to a bigger city to continue your studies.

What is taught in undergraduate or college courses?

Basic high school courses are taught in these courses, and these courses go back to the students’ choice of major in the future. If students decide to study engineering in the future (either at undergraduate or graduate level), they will study courses related to that field.

If the students decide to study medicine and paramedicine in the future (either at the undergraduate or postgraduate level), they will be taught basic and language courses.

Permanent residence for Russia

It is possible to apply for a permanent residence in Russia after obtaining a Russian language certificate and obtaining a Russian education certificate along with a citizenship certificate if the Russian laws are followed. In addition, it is not mandatory for a person to work in Russia, and there is a 99% chance that the request for permanent residence in Russia will be accepted. After one year, a person can directly apply for a Russian passport, which takes about two years to be approved. It is important to stay in this country to get a Russian passport. One of the advantages of having a Russian passport is that you can enter European countries with an airport visa.

Undergraduate studies

Russian universities have a very good ranking in the world. After completing secondary education in Russia, people can continue their education at the bachelor’s level, which is a 4-year course. Courses are taught in English, which requires an IELTS score of 6 to pass in English.

Master’s degree studies

After completing the bachelor’s degree, the student can continue his studies in the master’s degree. Master’s degree is a 2-year course that includes research and scientific projects. Mastering the Russian language and having an English degree with an IELTS score of 6 or higher is required to pass this course.

Studying in Russia at the doctoral level

For doctoral studies, students must present an IELTS score of 6.5 or above and have a strong resume with strong research papers. In terms of the conditions of the scholarship for the doctoral degree, the smoothness of the research platform and the research development of education in this degree are provided.

Frequently asked questions about Russian educational immigration

What is the possibility of passing a student for medical exams?

80 to 90 percent of students enter university.

What courses are tested for the medical field?

The courses considered for the biology and chemistry exam are at the same level as the courses taught in Iranian schools.

Is it easy to enter a Russian university?

According to the lessons that are taught in Iran at different times, entering Russian universities is easy and there is no need to worry.

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