Conditions for obtaining Portugal work visa in 2022

The conditions for obtaining a work visa for Portugal in 2022 is one of the latest topics that we will discuss in this article. You may be wondering why we should choose Portugal to live? How to immigrate to Portugal? What is it like to work in Portugal? What are the conditions for obtaining a Portugal work visa? First of all, we want to introduce you to this beautiful country. So be with us.

Why immigrate to Portugal?

The westernmost country in Europe is Portugal; Together with its only neighbor, Spain, Portugal forms the Iberian Peninsula. From the west, this country is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean. This country has two metropolitan areas, which are located in the south of the Lisbon metropolis and in the north of the Porto metropolis. Portugal is a member of the European Union and NATO. The government of this country is a parliamentary republic and one of the developed countries, with an unemployment rate of 6.8%, the currency of Euro and Christianity.

Working conditions in Portugal

As you know, to get a Portugal work visa, you need to look for a suitable job. But it may be a bit difficult to find a job in the current economic climate. Because the number of graduates increases every year and finding a job has become competitive in this country. For people who are not citizens of this country and are looking for work in this country, they must receive a job offer. To apply, the minimum age required is 18 years, according to Portuguese labor laws, a person is allowed to work 40 to 60 hours a week, and the leave is such that a person must take 22 days a year.

If you are a person from outside the EU, for a Portugal work visa, you first need to receive a job offer from a Portuguese employer and a work permit. With the passage of time and the addition of new government policies to limit the work entry of non-natives to this country, the path of work migration to this country may have become a little difficult, but it is not impossible. One of the rules for hiring labor outside the European Union is that the employer must announce his desired work for 3 months in Portugal and three months in the European Union, and if the required skilled and expert labor is not found, he can hire people from outside the EU. The European Union invites cooperation.

Types of immigration visas to Portugal in terms of time

To immigrate to Portugal, there are two types of visas, which are short-term visas and long-term visas. Short-term visa is for people who have a short-term work contract of less than 6 months, which can be extended up to one year if they work longer. Long-term visa is suitable for people who want to work in this country for more than six months, and by getting this visa, people can travel to all Schengen areas.

Documents required for Portugal work visa

-Submit and fill out the visa application form


-passport copy

-copy of birth certificate

-If you are married, submit a marriage certificate

-Medical insurance policy covering the entire Schengen area, including the cost of up to 30,000 euros.


-Two passport photos

-Bank letter and presentation of bank account printout and letter of endowment related to the last 6 months

-Lease or residence address in Portugal

-A copy of the employment contract drawn up with the employer in Portugal

Portugal work visa fee

After applying through the desired embassy, it takes about 2 to 3 months for your application to be reviewed. And 83€ for submitting an application for a long-term work visa and 72€ for issuing a residence permit for a long-term work visa must be paid by the applicant.

The amount of salary received in Portugal

The amount of salary you receive varies according to your workplace and job position. For example, the cities of Lisbon, Porto and Funchal, among others, have higher incomes, but the average salary in the whole country is 1,124 euros per month.

Example of salary received (Euro currency unit)

5600 project manager

Civil engineer 4230

Electrical engineer 4620

Accountant 3160

Dentist 11400

Nutritionist 10300

Head chef 3830

Nurse 3530

Mechanics 2490

Bank branch manager 6960

Teacher 3390

Financial manager 9030

Office manager 3120

Pilot 5380

Architect 4260

Secretary 2430

Photographer 3130

Aerospace engineer 5270

Required jobs in Portugal

One of the most prosperous industries in Portugal is the tourism industry, and industries related to hotels, cooking, construction, and telecommunications have a good market for people who are fluent in several languages. Also, careers such as biotechnology, chemical products, health services, information technology (IT), pharmaceuticals and pharmacology are very popular among the Portuguese.

Various factors such as education level, work experience and skills are the criteria that can influence the increase of your monthly salary. Normally, all employees working in Portugal in the months of June or December receive a bonus equivalent to one month of their work in one of these two months. You can get a Portugal work visa by studying in this country.

Employment agencies for immigration to Portugal

Like many countries, Portugal also has job search institutions and sites that job seekers, both in Portugal and in different countries, can use these sites to find the desired job or sign a contract with the employer. This method is the easiest method that you can talk to the employer and get your work contract by sending your resume and motivation letter (if needed) and after initial approval.

Some examples of job sites to get a Portugal work visa: (Some sites are for the entire European Union and you have to select your desired country)

SAPO Emprego


Net Empregos


How to obtain permanent residence and citizenship in Portugal

When the applicant receives the Portuguese work visa, if he/she has been working for 5 years and has paid insurance premiums and taxes, he/she can apply for permanent residence. It is a necessary condition.

Cost of living in Portugal

The cost of living varies according to the living area, but an average of 650 to 850 euros per month is needed for an average life in Portugal.


Meal, cheap restaurant: 7.00 €

Meal for 2 people, average restaurant with appetizer, main course, dessert: 30.00 €

Cost of food

Eggs (12 pieces)

1.68 €

milk (1 liter)

0.61 €

Chicken breast (1 kg)

5.42 €

beef (1 kg)

8.97 €

Potatoes (1 kg)

0.78 €

transport cost

One-way metro ticket: 1.50 €

Monthly ticket: 40.00 €

Taxi every 1 km: 0.69 €

Gasoline (1 liter): 1.55 €

The cost of renting a house in Portugal

One bedroom apartment in the city center €575.91

One bedroom apartment outside the center €450.12

The price of buying a house in Portugal

The price per square meter for buying an apartment in the city center: 2603.3 €

The price per square meter for buying an apartment outside the center: 1661.3 €

Disadvantages of living in Portugal

A very important issue that people should know before immigrating to this country is the business situation of this country. Although every year the government tries to improve this crisis, it has even caused many Portuguese to migrate to other countries in the hope of better work and income. Note that goods are more expensive in Portugal than in other European countries.

Advantages of living in Portugal

Low crime rate

Portugal is the seventh safest country in the world and serious crimes are rarely seen in this country. The people of this country experience a peaceful and stress-free life. From the morals of the people of this country, we can mention their friendly behavior and lack of haste in daily affairs.

Cheap education

In terms of education, Portugal has educational institutions with high rankings in the world, and the annual tuition fee paid by students is approximately 1500 euros, which is very small compared to other European countries. You can apply for a Portuguese work visa after your studies.

Varied weather

In the northern part of this country, the weather is colder and the winters are snowy; But as you go south, you will experience warmer weather and milder winters. The beaches and green plains of this country are very beautiful and encourage every viewer to walk and enjoy this beautiful nature.

What to do to get a Portugal work visa?

Andisheh Immigration Institute is with you to help you, dear ones, so that you can get a Portugal work visa. To get advice and to know about work visa conditions, you can make an appointment through the website and wait for our consultants to call.

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